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Synonyms for atrium

an area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings

Words related to atrium

any chamber that is connected to other chambers or passageways (especially one of the two upper chambers of the heart)

the central area in a building

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Target: Atria Senior Living/50% of management stake
The Atria management capital raise will support its strategic growth and values it at a substantial increase compared to the 2012 transaction in which Ventas acquired 34% of the business.
This new business area will be called Atria Denmark & Estonia.
It is expected that due to the exit of consumer packed meat Atria Scandinavia's annual net sales will decline by approx.
Designed by Michael Harris Spector, who also designed nearby Reckson Plaza (formerly EAB Plaza), Atria East has gained a first-class reputation in the Long Island office market following a multi-million dollar capital improvement program in 2004.
Strebor pays Simon & Schuster a distribution fee, and in return Strebor's titles are included in the Atria catalogue under the Strebor imprint, presold to bookstores, and all Strebor's production, printing and storage concerns are taken care of.
Western elevations to the atria, which address the lake, incorporate scoops at eaves level, expressed as giant cornices, so that prevailing winds, cooled by passing over the lake, further assist summer cooling.
When the Kentucky Chapter informed its members about the Atria project, they got back 235 interested responses.
First the atria contract, pumping blood into the ventricles.
During a PSVT attack, electrical impulses passing down their normal conduction fiber will suddenly begin cycling back into the atria via the extra fiber.
We are excited about the fact that our collaboration with Atria aligns us with a company that boasts an outstanding operations infrastructure, an experienced management team and employees who are committed to providing excellent care to the residents they serve.
Finnish meat processing company Atria Oyj (HEL: ATRAV) announced on Thursday that Atria Finland has decided to launch a project to improve its productivity and is considering centralising pork production from Jyvaskyla to Nurmo factory
7 May 2015 - Finnish food group Atria Plc is acquiring Danish organic cold cut manufacturer Aalbaek Specialiteter A/S, the company said.
The vertically stacked atria form an uninterrupted green link for the Winter Garden up to the sky.