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any small spherical group of cells containing a cavity

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We showed a significant enhancement of atretic follicle formation in animals undergoing BAUL that was accompanied by a remarkable decrease in the rate of normal follicles.
The granulosa layers of preovulatory (PRF: F3-F1) and atretic follicles (ATF) were separated and snap frozen in liquid nitrogen.
2005) reported that atretic follicles in the ovarian cortex of prepubertal gilts were observed in the treatment with 40 [micro]g ZEA/kg body weight.
Round, orange-yellow pre-ovulatory follicles were distinguished from degenerating or atretic follicles which are irregular in shape and cream-colored.
During the early stages of sexual transition, chromatin nucleolar oocytes, perinucleolar oocytes, and atretic follicles were observed within the tissue (Figure 3A), along with developing spermatocysts that became more common in mid-transitional fish (Figure 3B).
Mature females may present previtellogenic, vitellogenic and atretic follicles, and corpora lutea.
Also, atretic follicles showed significant increase that is consistent with the results of Gul (2009) and also Sandra et al (2000) that studied the effects of waves with low intensity and 33 and 50 Hz on follicles such In vitro.
We also determined the number of corpora lutea, antral follicles, atretic follicles, and preovulatory follicles in each group.
2006), POFs would so greatly outnumber atretic follicles in fish ovaries that there would be little confusion in distinguishing the two and thus would lead to a very minor bias in the duration of POF resorption.
Atretic follicles were characterized by the appearance of pyknotic granulosa cells, disorganized granulosa cells, and detachment from the basement membrane, a degenerating oocyte surrounded by an envelope of degenerating cumulus cells or loss of cumulus cells (Borgeest et al.
05) increases in the mean number of atretic follicles on days 7, 14 and 28 in both treatment groups in comparison with the controls.
Town Creek females exhibited atretic follicles beginning in January and throughout the study.
Development of antral follicles leads to the decrease in AMH and finally stops its secretion in follicles larger than 8 mm and atretic follicles.
In the ovarian sections, the number of atretic follicles and regressing corpus luteum that retained at least one caspase-3-positive cell was counted and divided by the total number of follicles and corpus luteum, respectively, in order to calculate the incidence (percentage) of follicular atresia and luteal regression.