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an abnormal condition in which a normal opening or tube in the body (as the urethra) is closed or absent

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In most cases, the atresic cytoplasm stained more intensely, becoming darker compared with that of healthy oocytes.
Subsequently, the atresic calyceal diverticulum can be incised by a holmium laser, then a flexible ureteroscope could be placed into the diverticulum to accomplish lithotripsy without injury or hemorrhage.
Numerous remnant of atresic follicles were observed in cortex in the treatment groups with 2.
After being diagnosed with renal agenesis or renal malformation by imaging studies, laparoscopic or the transabdominal resection of the atresic uterus is suggested.
An anaconda female, which was received by the Vital Brazil Institute's serpentary as a five year-old adult in 1976, and was kept in captivity without ever having contact with any males of the species, gave birth in August 2002 to 23 female individuals and 20 atresic eggs.
Two other atresic buffalo are reported from the Ouachita River drainage, Louisiana, but precise locality data and disposition of specimens are unknown: an astomous specimen was collected from the Ouachita River in 1985 and observed alive by the junior author, and a microstomatous individual was netted by a fisherman from Bayou Bartholomew (Anonymous 1989).
1E), whereas in tetraploids, the female acini closest to the male acini shows a large number of atresic oocytes, and the separation of male and female gonad parts is not as marked as in diploids, with male acini projecting into the female acini area (Fig.