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Synonyms for atrabilious

irritable as if suffering from indigestion

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And it is this down-to-earthness that I hope informs the main tenor of my poetry--a language that deals with the atrabilious nature of our existence as well as the emotional weight of its beauty.
This insight may offer an exit from the dead-end dichotomy that finds Herodotos either overly credulous in or impervious to traditional Olympian feats in the atrabilious manner of a modern monotheist or atheist.
humor, the phlegm humor, the bilious humor and the atrabilious humor.
Has all the doom and gloom merely been the atrabilious consequence of overindulgence, or are things really as bad as we fear?
In both panels a little housewife, idly whittling a stick, replaces Durer's atrabilious angel.