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Synonyms for atoxic

not producing or resulting from poison


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were individually placed in 100 mL atoxic plastic beakers, Copasa trade, with 50 mL of reconstituted fresh water and maintained at 25[degrees] [+ or -] 2[degrees]C under a 12:12 photoperiod, with 8 replicates in each experiment.
Atoxic mix of savage public spending cuts and upheaval caused by the complete remodelling of social care in Birmingham may keep safeguarding services for at-risk youngsters under special Government measures for the foreseeable future, it is feared.
ATOXIC chemical was used as a weapon in the moments before a man's tragic death, a court was told.
Thousands of worried parents have filled hospitals, many watching over sons and daughters on intravenous drips after drinking milk powder tainted with the melamine, atoxic industrial chemical that can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure.
Atoxic body will be sluggish, prone to cellulite and often seems to retain excess weight no matter how little you eat.
Unburnable and atoxic, the transparent liquid does not contain an ozone destruction factor, and therefore it gives a smaller impact on the environment.
1 mIU/L (n = 6); plasma creatinine >120 [micro]mol/L (females) or >133 [micro]mol/L (males; n = 41); incapacity to give informed consent (n = 6); life-threatening disease (n = 1); hypersensitivity to cyanocobalamin (n = 0); treatment with anticoagulants (n = 4); Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (n = 0); tobacco-alcohol amblyopia (n = 0); tropical atoxic neuropathy (n = 0); deafness or severe visual impairment (n = 8); non-Danish speaking (n = 11); severe aphasia (n = 2); and current participation in another clinical trial (n = 1).
in order to enable an effective and atoxic use of antibiotics in the intensive care units, a therapeutic "drug monitoring" (tdm) for antibiotics and antimycotics at the nuremberg clinic should be firmly established.