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an allergic reaction that becomes apparent in a sensitized person only minutes after contact

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sup][6] investigated the factors associated with atopy (defined by positive specific IgE) based on the COPD cohort participating in the EUROSCOP.
5% of the late preterm group and non-asthmatic atopy was diagnosed in 15.
28,29] The protective effect was higher in the subgroup with a positive family history of atopy.
Among various predisposing factors personal and family history of atopy and drugs (Analgesics, Antibiotics) predominate.
Profile of 513 patients with alopecia areata: associations of disease subtypes with atopy, autoimmune disease and positive family history.
Because atopy and food allergy signs are similar, "the only real way to prove that an animal has AD is to make sure he doesn't have a food allergy, and that involves strict dietary manipulation," says Dr.
Jeffrey Angles's choice of the word atopy refers here to the condition of hyperallergy, but it also indexes Ito's fascination with the Greek concept of placelessness.
To address these limitations we examined the association between exposure to TRAP and the development of atopy in a population-based multi-center birth cohort, the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) study.
In early canine atopy, itching is seasonal and the skin looks normal.
A longitudinal study including white individuals from Australia aged between 8-25 years, showed that those with the CC genotype were probably the same that had earlier atopy, suggesting that the influence of the 159C polymorphism in atopy could be age specific.
The three ailments are all linked by Atopy, a family tendency to develop certain allergic conditions.
The clinical data including age gender onset age disease course smoking history family history regular corticosteroid inhalation hospitalization history and presence of atopy were collected.
They have no other problem with their immune system, but this sensitivity leads to atopy.
Franco et al23 studied the association between IgA deficiency and respiratory atopy in young male adults.