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This clinical study targeted 130 pediatric patients with mild to moderate atopic asthma, In this clinical research study, special Plasmacluster Ion generators producing an ion concentration of 100,000 ions/cm3 were set up in the home in two rooms where the subjects spent long periods of time selected from among the bedroom, living room, and children's room (nursery).
The second study demonstrates that all allergic or asthmatic associations in mothers are poor predictors of atopic asthma in their children; the descriptive statistics were low for all maternal factors.
Haplotype analysis of a 100 kb region spanning TNF-LTA identifies a polymorphism in the LTA promoter region that is associated with atopic asthma susceptibility in Japan.
All the effects were dose-related and most strongly linked to pool attendance before the age of about 7 years, suggesting that attendance at indoor chlorinated pools, especially by young children, interacts with atopic status to promote the development of childhood atopic asthma.
Pearson and associates at the University of Nottingham (England) recruited 72 patients with atopic asthma from the Nottingham Asthma Database.
The company is also conducting an ongoing Phase 2a study, initiated in late 2006, to evaluate the efficacy of a single intravenous dose of MEDI-528 and its effect on disease mechanisms in adults with atopic asthma.
The role of environmental lead in the development of atopic asthma is hypothesized to be mediated through IgE.
Plans to initiate a third Phase 2a study to evaluate the ability of MEDI-528 to inhibit the biological activity of IL-9 in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of adult patients with atopic asthma are underway.
Allergen-mediated mast cell activation is an important mechanism in the pathogenesis of atopic asthma.
The patent "Cyanocobalamin Treatment in Allergic Disease", European Patent EP1128835, grants Cobalis extensive patent protection paving the way for marketing PreHistin(TM) throughout the European Union where an estimated 80 million people suffer from seasonal and perennial allergies, as well as a host of other atopic diseases such as atopic asthma, atopic migraine and dermatitis.
Researchers discovered that allergic sensitization and atopic asthma were significantly less common among children who had fevers in their first year.
A study was completed in May 1999 of the efficacy and safety of Lyprinol(TM) with atopic asthma sufferers.
Forty-six patients with atopic asthma received two capsules of Lyprinol(R) or placebo b.
vaccae on allergen-induced airway responses in atopic asthma were recently published in the European Respiratory Journal.