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lack of normal muscular tension or tonus

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The above mentioned study concluded that cases of postpartum hemorrhage because of uterine atony not responding to other uterotonics can be treated effectively with misoprostol19.
Medical induction can independently increase the risk of MT due to uterine atony.
Similarly in the event of primary postpartum haemorrhage secondary to uterine atony, uterine massage followed by parenteral oxytocin is the first line of management.
Atony was associated with previous cesarean in five cases, with sepsis, anemia or obstructed labor in three cases each, with a distended uterus as in multiple pregnancy or polyhydramnios in two cases each, and with placental causes in two cases.
The most important cause of maternal mortality due to postpartum haemorrhage secondary to uterine atony is the inadequate use of transfusion therapy and insufficient intravascular volume replacement, (5) as well as inadequate bleeding control in patients that appear clinically "stable".
The primary therapeutic uses of pyridostigmine are to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts (postoperative atony, neurogenic bladder), and the neuromuscular junction (myasthenia gravis, curare-induced neuromuscular paralysis).
placenta accreta), uterine atony, uterine rupture, leiomyomas, coagulopathy, or laceration of a uterine vessel not treatable by more conservative measures.
A two day labor had gone from being the all-natural, intervention free situation I had hoped for into the realization of a lot of the things I knew I didn't want--including AROM and five units of Pitocin in the last three hours of my birth as a result of uterine atony that wasn't providing enough power behind my contractions.
The fruit of Jamalac is consumed raw by many and the flowers are astringent and used in Taiwan to treat fever and halt diarrhoea, while the leaves are used to treat atony whereas the roots are used to treat amenorrhoea (Rouillard and Gueho, 1999).
Antony loves his cooking atony loves his cooking and shares his creations with everyone - to have a barbed comment like this seemingly aimed at him will infuriate him.
Contraindications for oxybutynin include hypersensitivity to medication, narrow-angle glaucoma, gastrointestinai obstruction, gastric retention, paralytic ileus, intestinal atony, severe colitis, genitourinary obstruction, and unstable cardiovascular stares.
Secondary PPH: 24 hours to 6 weeks post-delivery; for example: Uterine atony, retained products of conception, genital tract trauma, uterine inversion, puerperal sepsis, uterine pathology such as fibroids (8).
Following delivery, Natalie suffered from postpartum hemorrhaging and uterine atony, medically described as the failure of the uterus to contract after delivery.
Emery performed an examination and further treated the atony with massage and drugs.
13 Partial to complete upper lip drooping, due to hypotony or atony of the central elevators may lead to excessive upper lateral pulling of Zygomaticus major and as a consequence a "joker" smile may result.