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lack of normal muscular tension or tonus

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Infrequent use of ergometrine or oxytocin/ergometrine (Syntometrine) as treatment for uterine atony at CS, even in women with no contraindication to ergot alkaloids.
For example, women who had hemorrhage due to uterine atony in their first pregnancy had a 3.
This problem should be minimised by ensuring haemostasis at the initial CS, treating uterine atony and carefully inspecting the uterus anteriorly and posteriorly for tears or haematomas.
In a double-blind study Munn et al (19) compared two oxytocin infusion regimens to prevent uterine atony at caesarean delivery in labouring women.
In this case, colonic atony due to appendicitis with traction of the diseased appendix seemed probable.
The esophageal motility abnormalities observed by x-rays were absence of primary or secondary peristaltic waves, esophageal atony, and esophageal spasm.
medical complications that require intensive monitoring, such as intestinal atony with an obstruction, nutritional anemia, impaired renal function, fluid imbalance, or an exercise-induced injury; and
7 (Ch Princ) Please Document 41071 Acute MI / 4280 CHF / 4271 Vent tachy / 78550 Shock / 4589 Hypotension / 4239 Pericarditis / 4254 Prim Cardiomyopathy 5057 Aspiration bronchitis / 4919 Chronic / 5110 Pleurisy / 5180 Atelectasis / 515 Pul fibrosis / 4928 Emphysema bronchitis 496 COPD / 5119 Pleural effusion / 51881 Resp failure / 49320 Ch obs asthma / 51882 Respiratory Insufficiency Acute dilated stomach / Acidosis / Alcohol abuse / Anemia acute blood loss / Angina stable / Alkalosis / Anemia chronic blood loss Aortic valve disorder / Aspiration bronchitis / Atony of bladder / Atrial fibrillation / A-V block 2nd degree/ Bacteremia / Bilateral BBB.
Active management of the third stage of labour consists of interventions designed to facilitate the delivery of the placenta by increasing uterine contractions and to prevent PPH by averting uterine atony.
ATONY Blair's Labour government has already proved that it is not in favour of "freedom".
340) Prostaglandin F2[alpha] (carboprost/hemobate[R]) used to treat postpartum haemorrhage due to uterine atony may cause bronchospasrn.
It is used as a miotic drug and for atony of gastrointestinal tract, but it is very toxic if inhaled or swallowed (5).
ATony McCoy will be in the saddle for the final time at Sandown and Mr Mole - the horse on which he announced his retirement at Newbury in February - could provide him with a fitting finale with victory in the bet365 AP McCoy Celebration Chase (3.