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the absence of a key


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In the continuum of styles of modernist abstraction, Guest's linked phrases call up Schoenberg's atonalities rather than Stein's rhythmic word play or Beckett's witty invitations to the absurd.
I found these ugly atonalities unsingable and particularly graceless as a frame for Shakespeare's beloved lyrics which needed only a guitar or lute.
Never lapsing into mere pastiche, Tin Hat Trio fuses the structural incisiveness of classical with the sensual fluidity of jazz, offset by probing, avant-garde atonalities.
To this end, Teodoro Maniaci's camerawork is beautifully modulated, Kristina Boden's editing is precise, the score by Ahrin Mishan and Simon Fisher Turner contributes weird atonalities, and the sound is unusually textured.
Classical pianist, playful intellect, and pioneer of audio recording technology, Gould enthralled concert audiences worldwide with a repertoire ranging from Bach's sprite fugues to Arnold Schoenberg's brittle atonalities.