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characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality


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But a fantasy of a modern-day Chopin, "one who might have been an atonalist or a jazz pianist" (p.
These were the cultural elites who made up "the modern movement," the Expressionists, Dadaists, satirists, atonalists, and others whose "exuberant creativity and experimentation" then defined "modernity in art, literature, and thought" (xiii, xiv, and 3).
Whether we want to be serialists, atonalists, diatonicists, minimalists, maximalists, microtonalists, fractalists, or quasianarchists (even John Cage chose to use the I Ching), before we get down to work there are decisions to be made and questions to be answered.
The Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik in the 1920s started attacking Jews, atonalists, and foreigners in the German music scene, as well as the working class, the amateur movement, technology, and materialism.