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the absence of a key


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A similar situation occurred in the beginning of the twentieth century when, searching for new musical spaces, several composers almost simultaneously discovered atonalism and dodecaphony.
To speak to young musicians about their attempts to include atonalism concepts into dance charts was amazing
On the expressive plane the neoavant-garde experimented with new forms like asyntacticalism, atonalism, with an intention at once representative and contestative of the reality affected by schizomorphism.
I must confess that I share his preference for Beethoven over the latest experiments in atonalism or post-modern pastiche, and give me Rembrandt, Degas and the best Persian carpets any day.
So, with the obscure task of developing a new social imaginary (Castoriadis) to the compulsory acculturation fostered by the market model, musicians and poets nucleated in canto popular made of it an aesthetically heterogeneous compendium of genres, from rural folklore, to urban tango; from vernacular jazz and rock (even atonalism and minimalism), to the carnival expressions of murga and candombe.
Teachout glossed this 'bad idea' as a postwar reaction to a once-experimental, progressive modernism that had since degenerated, 'as movements will do, into a rigid ideology', imposing on American artists, as a historical 'necessity' or 'inevitability', the aesthetic precepts of atonalism in music, abstraction in painting and plotlessness in dance.
It was just such qualities of elitism, autonomy and inutility that would help guarantee the moral authority and 'political correctness' of atonalism and serialism for their proponents in the middle decades of the twentieth century.
Stockhausen meanwhile summed up the emancipation that atonalism and serialism had achieved: 'Schoenberg's great achievement .