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characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality


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What is missing from Tenney scholarship, and scholarship of the postwar era generally, then, is comparative context: though Tenney was unique and important, his effort to understand problematic atonal works was a shared concern with music theory as a fledgling discipline in North America.
What seems to be happening here is not that atonal contexts are disruptive per se, but rather that if the listener is trying to remember a standard pitch as a chroma in a particular key, the atonal context hurts performance.
In the end, Scruton believes that atonal music is kitsch in this same sense.
Handel's lyrical, if shortened, classics were easier to handle than the 21 ironic, half-spoken "songs" fashioned from Albert Millaud poems by Schoenberg into abstract, atonal forms requiring agile leaps and great range.
A person can iDose by simply finding a dark room, slipping on the headphones and sitting motionless, listening to repetitive, atonal tracks, and the time it takes to achieve any transcendental state is entirely up to the user.
Not unexpectedly, horror films had a lot of harsh and atonal screams.
Preclinical results suggest that delivery of the atonal gene using GenVec's innovative adenovector technology may have the potential to restore hearing and balance function.
But this year marks a century since Schoenberg began the atonal revolution, and while audiences still shy from the extremes of modern music, Matthews represents the more accessible, latter-day approach.
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton Boisterous arty vibe, atonal vocals, scratchy guitar, and noisy drums - a sort of a rackety sound.
The outer sections are almost atonal, while the two central ones are more gentle, the second one ending in a grand statement of the plainsong Pange lingua gloriosi corporis mysterium ("Of the glorious body telling,/O my tongue, its mysteries sing").
The often atonal sounds of El Saturn, his record company/research foundation, and his group the Arkestra, delivered the message of uplift on spiritual, racial, and social levels.
Instead, he used complex, dissonant, atonal and serial music, but could still write lush melodies when needed.
Although freely atonal, Klein's music has great immediate emotional power--all the more so when we think of the conditions under which it was written.
Taking a different route, Temin-Vergez's almost atonal Hybrid #1 & 2 (2003) bristles with intricate patterns designed to stimulate what the artist describes as a restless "flow of vision.
This remarkable indie quintet -- which, naturally, is from Georgia -- has made an irresistible new album that somehow puts together Eurodisco, atonal guitar, cheerfully gloomy lyrics and some unexpectedly bracing off-kilter melodies for a cartoony set that's as addictive as Pez.