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characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality


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bar]WE But, as the owners of some properly freeform nodal saxophone squawking that could clear out most riotous house party with just a few atonal parps, understand some people's reticence.
Another pair of essays is devoted to contrasting twentieth-century composers who, Scruton believes, have written music in the great tradition of Western classical music, with the failed experiments of Schoenberg and other composers of atonal music.
he will present "Navigating Through Pitch-class Space: Visualizing Progressions of Atonal Harmonies," in Tim Pack's post-tonal class.
Not unexpectedly, horror films had a lot of harsh and atonal screams.
Then she had heard sounds of the next world, the atonal moans echoing through red, cloudy vision, the sighs of terror and despair from unseen beings.
And in Hewitt's conception, also an amazing sense of emotional daring, nowhere more so than in the sustained soul-baring of the frequently atonal 25th variation.
Frith's beloved Eastern European rhythms and angular melodies are audible from time to time, and Zorn's atonal squawks also cut through the mix; one wishes that it were possible to hear Marclay's turntable manipulations more clearly.
But this year marks a century since Schoenberg began the atonal revolution, and while audiences still shy from the extremes of modern music, Matthews represents the more accessible, latter-day approach.
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton Boisterous arty vibe, atonal vocals, scratchy guitar, and noisy drums - a sort of a rackety sound.
The former film has no sound, and its relationship to the title is quite literal, while the latter is accompanied by atonal music from the 1950s.
From the beginning, the international community refused to deal with the result of the elections and preferred to treat them as an atonal interlude in the international political symphony.
The often atonal sounds of El Saturn, his record company/research foundation, and his group the Arkestra, delivered the message of uplift on spiritual, racial, and social levels.
Instead, he used complex, dissonant, atonal and serial music, but could still write lush melodies when needed.
It was an atonal album in search of a tune and proved a commercial disaster, pulled from the shelves in weeks.