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characterized by avoidance of traditional western tonality


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In reassigning this break, Haimo also recognizes the significant variety of musical approaches evident in the works formerly lumped together as "atonal." With his new division of Schoenberg's output, Haimo confronts a hidebound model and proposes a more meaningful one that illuminates rather than obscures the richness of Schoenberg's music.
Similar problems arose when they heard octave shifts of single notes, random sets of notes, or atonal sequences, in which there's no key.
He is dying, no matter how I see it, no matter what I believe, the fact is stark and one dimensional, atonal, a black note on an empty staff.
Schoenberg is the inventor of the twelve - tone or serial method of composition to provide a basis for unity and coherence in atonal music (see atonality ).
The CD emphasizes spiritually inspired music, and the program order mixes tonal, sometimes folk-song based music with atonal, motivically constructed pieces.
Yet were it not for the Bard of Barking's atonal musings I'd have never heard of The Four Tops, Bragg's 1986 song Levi Stubbs' Tears having originally turned me on to the US soul legends in the first place.
That's Super - an atonal mix of knockabout humour and out-ofnowhere violence that's so utterly wrong, it might actually challenge The Day The Clown Cried, Jerry Lewis's unfinished and unreleased 1972 Holocaust comedy.
Music suggests itself, atonal, chiming, backed by the groaning and booming of nameless brass instruments, full bellied, ponderous.
This edition has more basic melodies and complex exercises, expanded sing-and-play exercises with excerpts from standard classical and folk repertories, expanded explanations, and new chapters of unpitched rhythms and atonal and post-tonal twentieth-century idioms.
Bjork gets a cuff round the ear with the atonal robotics of Iceland's entry, Love Ballad No 3a by Greta Grollmersdetter, unassuming Irish charm is consigned to the Celtic mists in La La La by Ronan Corr, and new-wave Russian machismo threatens to burst its lycra in Ice Queen by muscly boyband KGBoyz.
This program begins with the most difficult piece the symphony will perform this season, Guerrero says: an atonal work by Anton Webern.
A far cry from his later atonal music, it owes something to Debussy and, to the modern ear, is no more radical sounding than late Mahler or Strauss.
Those who approach this album expecting the sort of atonal wildness for which John Zorn's Tzadik label is well known will be either relieved or disappointed to find that, despite its rather experimental nature and the explicitly mystical, esoteric character of the texts that inspired it, this music is really quite easy to listen to.
Still, soprano Renate Behle, pacing herself carefully, turned on the juice at the climaxes, and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra under Gregory Vajda brought great clarity to Schoenberg's atonal textures.