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Synonyms for atomize

spray very finely


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strike at with firepower or bombs

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break up into small particles

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With the powder plant and atomizing technology advancements, AP&C will add significant capacity in 2017 and onwards.
The atomizing nozzles can coat, cool, treat and paint a variety of products using compressed air and liquids with a viscosity of up to 300 centipoise.
Cleaning, drying, and heating the atomizing from your existing compressed air source can be accomplished with The Solution by Martech Services Company.
The ViscoMist air atomizing spray nozzle has been redesigned to provide a cleaner look, improved performance, and increased spray flexibility.
020 spray tip and atomizing air pressure of 30-35 psi.
This reportedly offers a better balance between atomizing air and fan air.
The introduction of the mechanical, self-cleaning, airless spray gun by Gusmer in the 1960s provided processors with the benefits of higher throughput and reduced costs by eliminating solvents and atomizing the liquid stream without compressed air.
These conditions will cause the injector to stream the fuel rather than efficiently atomizing it.
There are three versions of the gun, but all three provide finishing for low-pressure applications and an environmentally friendly solution for atomizing materials, ranging from latex to epoxies, the company says.
MADomizer[TM] is a safe delivery system for atomizing topical solutions to the nasal and oropharyngeal regions.
Ideal for humidity control applications in such large areas, Trion's Herrmidicool dual pneumatic, air/water atomizing system was specified for the project.
The following maintenance tips apply to commercial boilers with air/oil atomizing burners only and should be performed by qualified technicians:
He attempts to create a percentage pie chart of why the societal disconnect exists, attributing about 10 percent to women in the work force, robbing the community of what had historically been a vital source of voluntarism; about a tenth to suburban sprawl--to community-spread, non-engaging strip malls, and enormous time spent commuting; about 30 percent to the atomizing and fragmenting effects of modern communications, making citizens passive spectators and diminishing, through cable satellite and the Internet, their body of shared information; and the largest portion to generational change, in which each succeeding generation, beginning with those born after World War II, is less involved than their predecessors.
To address these three issues--coverage, clogging and misting--the cereal manufacturer installed a new type of air-atomizing spray nozzle that offers independent control of the atomizing air, fan air and liquid flow.
ESM has received the permit to build a new Magnesium powder atomizing plant at its Saxonburg, PA plant.