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Synonyms for atomize

spray very finely


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strike at with firepower or bombs

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break up into small particles

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The fluid applicator delivers liquid to the atomizing tip and directs airflow to shape and add momentum to the ultrasonically produced spray.
For Rotary Burners) Check the atomizing cup and air nozzle daily.
This air serves as the carrier for the amine catalyst, either as atomizing air in the case of conventional air spray and air-atomized electrostatic spray, or as assist-air in the case of air-assisted airless spray.
It has a capacity of 15-30 cfm atomizing air, is limited to two spray guns, and can use either dried or filtered air at pressures from 90 to 120 psi.
NEW YORK, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Zemex Corporation (NYSE: ZMX; Nasdaq: ZMEXW) reported today that it suffered an explosion and fire in the powdered steel atomizing section at the Pyron Corporation facility at Niagara Falls, New York.
DUX Pressure Feed - Typically used in industrial environments where large quantities of coatings are sprayed throughout the day, this product receives both atomizing air and fluid through the base of the gun for better balance and ease of use.
LEAP3 direct-injection engines will use a high-pressure pump to blast precisely timed bursts of fuel directly into the engines' combustion chambers at pressures exceeding 200 pounds per square inch, atomizing and positioning each fuel charge for an exceptionally complete, clean burn.
One such innovation, which will soon be available for commercial and residential application, is a mini-burner using the "Babington air atomizing principle.
The Tornado Generator device utilizes compressed air to accelerate air to supersonic speeds in a cyclonic chamber which is capable of atomizing virtually anything into a fine micron sized powder nearly instantly.
Since then, air atomizing burners and newer, more efficient boilers have been developed which can effect anywhere from a 20 percent to 30 percent reduction in fuel costs once installed.
The Vapex Hydroxyl Ion fog generator uses a patented air atomizing nozzle to efficiently create a hydroxyl ion fog that eliminates noxious odors and reduces H2S levels.
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TouchSpray aerosol technology will open up unrivaled new possibilities for the delivery of medication for respiratory and systemic conditions, as well as in atomizing difficult suspension drugs.