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a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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Furthermore, in infrared mode, PDAs with Atomizer do not require a physical connection to the tool, making information on MFCs available almost instantly.
The new Perfume Atomizer is designed to eliminate the need to tote a bulky bottle, Dailey said.
The Atomizers have been determined to have the possibility of a manufacturing defect which results in a quarter-inch diameter washer becoming dislodged from the EZ Breathe (TM) Atomizer, which potentially could result in a choking hazard .
The use of Asthmanefrin, along with the pocket sized EZ Breathe Atomizer, will give bronchial asthma sufferers an excellent alternative treatment to Primatene Mist, at an affordable price.
With the SpectrAA-Duo it is possible to combine flame or hydride atomizers with either a deuterium or Zeeman corrected graphite furnace, depending on a laboratory's specific needs.
The atomizer, called Ecomist, sprays instead of pours vegetable oil on cutters in machine shops, thereby reducing to almost zero the amount of waste oil.
Using a Crown sprayer syphon feed aerosol atomizer, three coats of the releasants to be tested are sprayed onto the hot panels using a light, uniform spray.
IEC's atomizer design continues to evolve, expanding the scope and type of applications suitable to this design.
Fragrance Atomizer Launches New Model Making Gift Giving Simple This Holiday Season
Limited Tenders are invited for Providing Of Stores For Plants Oil Filter,Hinge,Hydraulic Hose,Connector,Pipe Asst Atomizer
The SOURCE orb 3 is available with eight different atomizer options including: the revolutionary Quartz Double Coil and all-ceramic SOURCE terra released November 2014.
com)-- Dedert Corporation has pioneered the development of a new high speed rotary atomizer for the chemical and food industries.
Another factor for a sustainable painting process is the use of the high performance atomizer EcoBell2 HD for interior painting.
The experimental investigations are carried out for pressure swirl atomizer of tubular type combustion chamber for micro gas turbine.