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Synonyms for atomization

separating something into fine particles

annihilation by reducing something to atoms

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Our North American facility has been supplying Advanced Atomization Technologies with forged components for the past five years.
Pneumatic atomization is the use of a certain pressure of air or steam to high- speed low-speed atomized liquid, the tear into a very fine droplets, the most common type of gas atomization nozzles are cyclone type and Y Type Y-type nozzle is a liquid and a basic high-speed air flow to Y-type intersection with impact and atomization, the structure is very simple, wide application (Huang, 2012; Desantes, 2016).
Accordingly, it is expected that the effect to reduce the THC emission at cold start by promoting fuel atomization becomes even larger in downstream position injection.
Electronic cigarettes (also known as ecigs or e-cigs) are electronic devices which deliver nicotine through atomization, or vaping of e-liquids and without smoke and other chemicals constituents typically found in traditional tobacco burning cigarette products.
Following our previous work [32, 34, 35], separate models were applied to predict atomization and secondary breakup processes.
According to the company, this strategic patent application covers the use of Plasma Atomization on different heated metal sources such as wire, rod and melt.
Typically, atomization operations are optimized to produce a particular size powder, with spheres outside the desired range considered byproducts of the process.
The UK's NNL team has been working independently with its partner, Pursuit Dynamics, PLC (PDX), to develop the nuclear applications of its patented misting technology that performs a more complete atomization of high-solid solutions at very high volumes.
Parker Aerospace, an operating segment of Parker Hannifin Corporation (PH), and GE Aviation announced that they have reached an agreement to form a joint venture, Advanced Atomization Technologies, LLC, to enhance the development and manufacture of commercial aircraft engine fuel nozzles.
The 50-50 joint venture, called Advanced Atomization Technologies, LLC, was created specifically to produce fuel nozzles for current and future GE Aviation commercial engine platforms, the companies said.
Their lightweight assembly with low trigger resistance allows for hours of effortless spraying, and the easy adjustment of material flow and spray atomization results in greater dispensing accuracy with less material waste.
and Acharya (United Technologies Research Center) offer graduate-level students coverage of the basics and the importance of turbulent and multiphase combustion followed by chapters on laminar premixed and non-premixed flames, premixed and non-premixed flames, multiphase flows with reactions, and spray atomization and combustion.
An analysis of the influence o foil atomization in the cylinder of a reciprocating compressor is presented in this paper.
de Michelle; Atomization of Coal- Water Fuels by Pneumatic Nozzle: Characteristics of Spray, Aereosol Science and Technology 1(13), 35 (1990).
Ultrasonic atomization is a useful way to produce fine droplets ranging from a few microns to submicrons depending on the mechanical construction of atomizers and physicochemical properties of the atomized fluids (1), (2).