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divided into separate and often disparate elements


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that jurors assess evidence holistically rather than atomistically.
g], by means of atomistically detailed, molecular dynamics simulations.
The poor act atomistically, taking the behavior of the rich as given (because there is perfect information, everyone knows the rich can and will act to avoid high taxation).
While there have been energetic attempts to articulate theories of moral guidance for public health, most such efforts have fallen short because they have viewed populations atomistically, as aggregations of individuals.
Most importantly, relational activism is not individuals acting atomistically to save the environment: they see themselves as acting as a collective, and are therefore potentially more accountable to, and have more influence upon, each other.
It is easy to see that each individual, acting atomistically, would prefer to throw litter on the street rather than go through the trouble of looking for a garbage bin to dispose of it.
Each investor behaves atomistically, and in particular, ascribes zero probability to the event that he could be a pivotal liability holder whose decision to demand payment might force the firm to default.
But already exposed, too, is the untenability of crediting Islam's scientific achievements atomistically to a handful of Hellenized (and marginalized) individuals.
According to Taylor, "Fragmentation arises when people come to see themselves more and more atomistically .
Little is told about the corporate background to conflicts in a continent in which the positive stories seem to be about animals and "entrepreneurs" somehow battling, atomistically, against the tide.
Some incompetent student-writers can atomistically rather than holistically undergo a type of instructive treatment due to the fact that their response sheets display the minute details of their shortcomings as far as successful writing is specifically concerned.
In contrast to the picture Rahman has painted for us of historical Islam, where precepts grasped atomistically are embedded in sacred texts and where interpretation must stop at the doorstep of revelation, in Dworkin primary rules may be transformed when in conflict with dominant principles; for Dworkin, the dominant principles enable legislation.
However, the actual processes of grief take place atomistically, individually, alone, in solitude, in the tiny rooms of consciousness of each of the characters.
Individualism overlooks the intrinsic value of human sociability and tends to view human beings atomistically.