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divided into separate and often disparate elements


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that jurors assess evidence holistically rather than atomistically.
g], by means of atomistically detailed, molecular dynamics simulations.
Individualism overlooks the intrinsic value of human sociability and tends to view human beings atomistically.
JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH To cease looking at things atomistically in visual experience and to see relatedness means, among other things, to lose in our social experience .
To be sure, bond rating was never going to become an atomistically competitive industry.
They do so by observing market prices set by private economic agents acting atomistically in markets.
27) don't assume here that what counts as responding reasonably to others' goods can be determined atomistically, that is, in isolation from the way that others act.
Or there is a failure of the assumptions that ensure that individuals acting atomistically can in principle achieve social harmony (remember that the value paradigm rules out cooperative behavior or institutions that further common interests).
This methodology would probably be most useful in parapsychological experiments that atomistically break down descriptions of images or concepts being perceived via anomalous cognition.
Athearn's words, "withered on the vine" (75), and black Kansans became atomistically absorbed into the State as dreams of black political power faded from view.
A human being is clearly more than a homo economicus who atomistically and autonomously acts to maximize self-interest.
21) My point here is that we would do well to appreciate the way this relationship between rights and structures runs in the other direction as well; rights often serve less to protect atomistically conceived individual interests and more to protect structural relationships.
This critique was valid for textbook models of the single-product, owner-managed, spot contracting, atomistically competitive production functions of years past.
Retailers, while behaving atomistically in input markets, are strategically aware and make rational forecasts of future wholesale prices.