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divided into separate and often disparate elements



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Atomistic agreement is designed for pluralistic competition and majority rules that always marginalize or coerce some to go along with others--the winners are "us" while the losers are "them.
The answer is surprising: the atomistic approach is consistent with the principles of tort law, but is at odds with well-established, general rules for determining patent damages.
Most people have atomistic attitudes toward public affairs.
Dow groups mainstream theory within a specific methodology, that of mathematically based deductive reasoning with closed systems (fully internally defined, as are all mathematical and graphical models) and decision making by participants who are atomistic (independent), as contrasted with organic (interactive and evolutionary), rational and possessing exogenous preferences.
Of what use is a stockpile of myopic, atomistic facts?
The Republican Party, and apparently Mitt Romney, too, has shifted over toward a much more hyperindividualistic and atomistic social view - from the Reaganesque language of common citizenship to the libertarian language of makers and takers.
The conservatism Ryn defends recognizes the possibility of a synthesis of universality and historical particularity, which allows conservatism to distinguish between two types of individualism and liberalism: one atomistic and one "integral to Burkean conservatism.
Forg's brushstrokes--his atomistic, if aggregated, marks--also evoke writing, but even more, the therical arrangement of colors and shapes into a legible composition.
It is important to answer these open questions as continuum methods are desirable also at micro- and nanoscale, although the assumption of a continuum breaks down at atomistic scales, because they are often computationally more efficient and can lead to physically illuminating analytical solutions [6].
Along with the large-scale atomistic computer simulations, researchers formulated and evaluated an analytical free-energy model, which describes the balance between the polarization, interfacial tension and dielectric saturation contributions.
The first main argument is founded upon certain atomistic conceptions of the nature of time, motion and distance: if time, motion and distance are discrete entities then, ipso facto, the body must be composed of atomic minimal parts.
He wrote briefs and instructions explaining both the rationale and the procedures, increasingly deepening his commitment to a Fracastorian, atomistic explanation of contagion, despite his disinclination to privilege the recentiores over traditional medical authority.
Modernity, Pinchbeck argues, is inherently doomed and deserves to be doomed for playing into the detestable human urges of atomistic individualism and ugly greed; it has led to global warming, irreversible and tragic forest depletion, and a rapidly hastening loss of all the resources on which life depends.
Among other things, Bildung challenges the idea that we are born atomistic individuals who must sign social contracts to live together in peace.
However, biomedical regimes are tailored to the requirements of atomistic individuals, and chronic conditions self-management programs are articulated in terms of self-motivating, goal-directed clients.