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divided into separate and often disparate elements



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Olson asks the question whether one cannot envision voluntary approaches which would go beyond atomistic strategies.
tation of the extant fragment, and (c) by an application of Atomistic ar-
It was to be two thousand years before atomistic views began to gain ascendancy.
Biotechnologists, environmental engineers, and resource economists may have all the science they need to exploit the atomistic elements of nature and allocate the products efficiently.
In this light the firm emerges, not as an atomistic unit, but "as a nexus for a set of contracting relations among individuals" (Jenson and Meckling, 1976).
The holistic evaluations carried out in this study resulted in a single, global judgment of writing quality (Conlan, 1978; Spandel, 1981), while the atomistic indexes, including "number of correct word sequences" and "number of correctly spelled words," yielded counts, averages, and proportions or percents (Deno, Marston, & Mirkin, 1982; Hunt, 1965).
Collective action may be able to generate gains that are not available through completely atomistic optimization.
He adopted the atomistic theory of Leucippus, holding that the universe is composed of atoms that move about in space and form themselves into bodies.
The solution is a big data approach where large batches of automatically recorded spm manipulation data are structured using machine learning and interpreted by comparison to atomistic simulations.
Researchers in the field survey a selection of recent developments, among them single-molecule devices, the modulation and control of detailed electron transport of single molecules, vibronic effects in electron transport through single-molecule junctions, bio-molecular electronics, electron transport in atomistic nano-junctions from density functional theory in scattering approaches, and transition voltage spectroscopy as an appealing tool of investigation in molecular electronics.
Atomistic models can establish elastic properties, friction properties, and so on, and these can then be used to parameterize conventional models.
While the Many, often understood as a multitude of atomistic individuals, appears to be the natural antidote to the One, there is exists an underlying paradoxical relationship between the One and the Many that feeds the fabrication of the People.
Their topics include spin-polarized transport in a quantum dots system with Rashba spin-orbit interaction, triangular triple quantum dots driven by alternating-current magnetic fields, the atomistic tight-binding simulation of semiconductor devices with coupled spin and orbit, the magnetic properties of nanostructures synthesized on a vicinal surface, and magnetism and spintronics in graphene.
The LiPPS Liquid Phase Photoelectron Spectroscopy machine allows researchers to take atomistic measurements of the surface of liquids for the first time.
Surioni said that their work included a form of atomistic modelling right down to the quantum mechanics of the components.