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(psychology) a theory that reduces all mental phenomena to simple elements (sensations and feelings) that form complex ideas by association

(chemistry) any theory in which all matter is composed of tiny discrete finite indivisible indestructible particles

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The link between atomism and discrete motion goes back at least to Aristotle and is admitted by some atomists, but the full significance of that admission has been neglected.
Historically, Galileos statement of atomism created a conflict with the Church's teaching on transubstantiation.
Bostock, in the preface, identifies the core elements of logical atomism as realism, logical analysis, and atomism.
85) The intellectual impact of this new kalam as manifested two centuries later in al-Iji's al-Mawaqif and its commentary by al-Jurjam (86) was also felt by medieval Jewish thinkers (87) and the thinkers, philosophers, and scientists of the European Renaissance and Enlightenment, who shared with the mutakallimun "a determined rejection of Aristotelianism and a preference for experimentation with various forms of atomism, as well as the belief in an omnipotent and free creator.
Book three of the Physics of the Healing is devoted to the refutation of atomism in its different varieties, as propounded by Democritus, the Epicureans, or the mutakallimfin.
away from mere top-down - as in headquarters, university, patriarch, the one god - and bottom-up - reductionism, atomism - stances toward knowledge and value, in favour of dynamic combinations of both - as exemplified, I think, by your predilection for shifting back and forth across perspectives (207).
That leaves recalcitrant mereological reductionists one option, atomism.
As regards materialistic atomism, it is one of the best-refuted theories that have ever been advanced, and in Europe there is now perhaps no one in the learned world so unscholarly as to attach serious signification to it, except for convenient everyday use (as an abbreviation of the means of expression)--thanks chiefly to the Pole Boscovich: he and the Pole Copernicus have hitherto been the greatest and most successful opponents of ocular evidence.
I'm sure I've missed some of the ideological heresies Morton consequently banishes, but in 135 pages he excommunicates localism, holism, atomism, organicism, Puritanism (by which he means any discussion of limits to human consumption), masculinity, cuteness, nostalgia, wilderness preservation, deep ecology, Gaian geophysiology, community, sincerity, individualism, post-humanism, consequentialism, neoliberalism, capitalism, authority, harmony, biopower and sustainability.
Their outlooks were seen as diametrical opposites: Democritus, the founder of Atomism, cynically mocked humanity's predicament; Heraclitus, however, philosopher of 'ta panta rhei' (flux), wept over our suffering.
I will begin with two specific sets of oppositional terms, atomism versus holism, and objectivism versus subjectivism.
However, Bracken criticizes Whitehead's metaphysics for remaining committed to philosophical atomism (p.
The work's atomism spatializes the measured unfolding of our encounter with it through time--seeing is making, or remaking.
Consequently, individualist atomism leads to nihilism: "We believe, so saying that there is no substantial criterion by which we judge our options-a criterion above the idea of free choice, and so we tend to consider any costs outside-divine or human-as a violation of our freedom.
They are thus led away from atomism to a much more holistic image of social existence, where their fate is tied to the destiny of others.