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Synonyms for atomiser

a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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He said: "I approached the firm which sold me the atomiser because I needed to collect all the evidence.
Angel Innocent Tete A Tete Valentine's Gift Box: Contains an atomiser of the beautiful fragrance, with some sexy shower mousse, all with Thierry Mugler's freshest perfume from the Angel range, pounds 25, for a limited period
With a changeable atomiser system and protected battery, this revolutionary new e-cig is yet another advancement in the the design and technology of electronic cigarettes.
Just for Christmas, Clinique has launched a limited edition of its Aromatics Elixir in a nostalgia atomiser.
It has an atomiser to create realistic puffs of "smoke" and lasts for 350 drags - the equivalent of 30 cigarettes.
com This is a range that turns the bathroom into a boudoir and we love the Hollywood style of this blush pink fluted glass bottle with a balloon atomiser, pounds 14.
This fun gift is real girly and comes with realistic fluttering false lashes, eye lash curlers, foundation sponges, a shimmering glitter puff and a swanky pink atomiser with tassel.
It comes in a nice, simple bottle with the added bonus of an atomiser spray that you can screw on if you wish.
Precision engineered with revolutionary atomiser design.
My TOP TIP for the professional party goers is decant your perfume into this handy Chrome Atomiser.
Available exclusively from Starscents, the range includes a 3in gilded atomiser handbag spray and eau de parfum refill with a black velveteen pouch (pounds 45), scented candle (pounds 18), bathtime gift set (pounds 29), box of three soaps (pounds 12) and gift set with eau de parfum, body lotion,luxury soap and shower gel (pounds 35).
Offering three treatments for the skin, it consists of a hand-held sauna, two exfoliation brushes and two massage brushes, and an atomiser for refreshing and toning.
The bottle is simple and classic with a heart shaped atomiser to release the fragrance which is light, spicy and fresh with pink peppercorns and blackcurrants as top notes, Ottoman rose as a middle note and sandalwood and almond-vanilla Siamese benzoin at the base.