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a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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However, Atomiser 2 did not have a long run and the plant is once again idle and can be re-opened if needed, said McLaughlin.
Twenty-two day old plants (10 plants per line), with three or four fully expanded leaves, were inoculated by spraying with 25 mL aqueous spore suspension (1 x 105 spores/mL) onto the leaves until run-off using an atomiser connected to an air compressor.
On an HM 180/525H/210S multi-component machine with ServoPower drive, an atomiser for the cosmetics industry will be manufactured from PP and SEBS (TPE) with a 4+4+4 cavity mould.
The outside is sprayed using an atomiser containing a mixture of wood ash, water and colourant such as: red iron oxide, cobalt, or copper.
Can a rechargeable battery, linked to an atomiser and cartridge of liquid nicotine, 'massively' reduce the individual and population risks of traditional cigarette smoking?
After each successive extraction, the mixture was centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 30 min, the supernatant was decanted into polyethylene bottles, and the metal concentration in the filtered solution was determined via AAS using a flame or graphite furnace atomiser.
A typical example has three components: a battery, an atomiser - like a perfume sprayer - and a cartridge containing nicotine.
The new patents include the dyeing liquid mixing device, dyeing liquid atomising device, horizontal manipulated devices, and the mechanical seal and atomiser of its airflow dyeing machine.
Thus, we conclude from the present study that intranasal midazolam atomiser spray is an effective sedative and anxiolytic pre-anaesthetic medication in children.
Le Stade toulousain, avec le retour de la quasi-totalite de ses internationaux tricolores, a affiche deux visages diametralement opposes pour atomiser (43-16) le Stade Francais, dimanche en cloture de la 22e journee de Top 14.
95, Topshop Room Atomiser, PS16, L'Occitane Beanie, PS22, Adidas Soaps, PS14, Hush Lip balm, PS15, Boots (as part of set) Cosmetic bag, PS19.
Munching on the sugar-free tangerine-flavoured candy will, apparently, turn you into a living perfume atomiser.
Uniquely the glass cube of fragrance sits at the top with the atomiser facing downwards into the rubber lid making the bottle effectively upside down.