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Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

Synonyms for acid

any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt

being sour to the taste

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having the characteristics of an acid

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Does this atomicity also imply an atomic phonological correspondence?
He has made a name for himself at the Edinburgh Festival with a slate of sold-out solo shows and is a double Perrier nominated artist for his shows Atomicity in 2005 and Civilization in 2004.
Of course, c-command is unexpected under Chomsky's set-forming Merge, which entails atomicity of phrasal objects and rests on Lexical Integrity, but Lexical Integrity is an illusion created by the fact that PF rules must operate on fixed segmental templates of PHON information, and, in fact, holds at no point in standard minimalist SD's: in the Lexicon, LI's are underspecified (i.
Titled Atomicity, it sees the self-confessed middle-class ponce outline how the elements control our lives.
2) There is also atomicity of producers, even if there is an association of entrepreneurs.
Copy operations on single point in time images lack atomicity across entire datasets by default.
To ensure atomicity between multiple participants, a two phase commit mechanism is required: during the first (preparation) phase, an individual participant must make durable any state changes that occurred during the scope of the atomic transaction, such that these changes can either be rolled back (undone) or committed later once consensus to the transaction outcome has been determined amongst all participants, i.
Due to our assumption regarding atomicity, we can formalize a data link layer protocol as a state transition system.
would do, but rather exaggerated atomicity on the segment of the four
Toufic's writing is irruption as "temporal atomicity," which he describes in the chapter "Middle Eastern Films Before Thy Gaze Returns to Thee-in Less than 1/24 of a Second" as the predominant Islamic conception of time (as opposed to "film camera and lens from Renaissance Western monocular perspective.
Vignette's Pedersen points out that new wireless standards in Europe are prompting enterprises of all stripes to review the atomicity of their content and to consider syndicating content snippets to emerging wireless-oriented portals.
Atomicity and relatedness in configurational morphology.
This accepted, unquestioned, presupposed view of the atomicity of the person or self is pinpointed by Taylor (1991) as the common basis for positions as diverse as traditional individual or interest-group liberalism and traditional conservative laissez-faire economics.
Transitions of such programs are test-and-set operations in which a large number of shared variables can be tested and set in a single transition; in other words, the grain of atomicity is large.
While complex message exchange mechanisms guarantee the atomicity of transactions beyond failures, faster communication protocols only provide a best effort approach.