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(weapons) deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy


immeasurably small

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Atomically precise cluster catalysis towards quantum controlled catalysts
Unlike most snapshots, CDP can do so atomically with no application interaction or involvement.
The company produces atomically engineered semiconductor wafers, built to produce precisely defined electrical and optical characteristics, which are used to make the key devices lying at the heart of virtually all high technology products and systems.
The ability to apply the atomically bonded finishes using a low temperature, environmentally-friendly process, offers benefits to producers of plastic and metallic products that often cannot be obtained through the use of higher temperatures, according to the company.
The process bonds magnesium atomically, making it considerably tougher, and thus avoiding nearly all of the known disadvantages of this metal.
Silicon chips, gigabyte disk drives, and many other devices that are based on atomically engineered materials are all part of the industry
Nikko Zond (Ryan Merriman) is your typical annoying mouthy teenager, a rebel ever since he saw his mother get atomically scorched by an archaeological ruin as a child.
NIST researchers in the atom-based dimensional metrology project made a significant breakthrough in the processing and fabrication of atomically flat and ordered silicon surfaces.
By moving the tip up and down to maintain a constant current, the STM can sketch an atomically detailed topographic map.
Quantum electronic stability of atomically uniform films
It must be suitable for both atomically defined conductive surfaces as well as organic, non-conductive structures with dimensions of a few nanometers.
QuantumClean operates on the frontier of the sub-20nm high-purity semiconductor parts decontamination through leading-edge technologies, resources and expertise, producing Atomically Clean Surface(TM) process chamber parts.
Leading global provider of validated Atomically Clean Surfaces(TM) outsourced process tool parts cleaning, performance coatings, refurbishment, and analytical & engineering services for sub-20nm manufacturing processes to exhibit at SEMICON Europa 2014 tradeshow.
Here we develop attosecond serial crystallography and spectroscopy, to give a full description of ultrafast processes atomically resolved in real space and on the electronic energy landscape, from co-measurement of X-ray and optical spectra, and X-ray diffraction.
An diode is a material that has been atomically manipulated to allow electricity to only flow in one direction, like a one-way street current.