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(weapons) deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy


immeasurably small

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Atomically precise ultra-stable gold nanoparticles such as [Au.
There is another device through which a specified hospital and ambulance service receive the information atomically in case of any accident, if the device is installed in the vehicle.
He reviewed research on different types of catalytic reactions involving metal clusters whose sizes were atomically controlled.
The nanomaterial would absorb hydrogen atomically through heat and be able to release the atoms and recombine them to a hydrogen gas,"[euro]oCi said Dr Boudina.
This is the first time anyone has shown the piezoelectric effect in atomically thin films, although the property has been predicted.
We've developed the first membrane that consists of a high density of sub-nanometre-scale pores in an atomically thin, single sheet of graphene," said graduate student Sean O'Hern of MIT, who is working on the research along with Rohit Karnik, associate professor of mechanical engineering.
The father of the concept of "nanotechnology" shows how the goals of atomically precise manufacturing got sidetracked and where its future really is.
As we walked down the hill afterward, I felt that I had been forever altered, both atomically and emotionally.
In nations like Australia, where we are surrounded by ocean, it is particularly significant that such an atomically thin coating can provide protection in that environment," Banerjee said.
The key to achieving atomic resolution was an atomically sharp and defined tip apex as well as the very high stability of the system," explained IBM scientist Dr.
Research used a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) to atomically
The banking practices in Pakistan suggest that in case a machine does not disburse any cash but debit the card holder account, the bank will atomically credit the card holder account.
Temporal planning abandons the classical assumption that actions execute atomically, instead modeling the expected time duration required for execution.
This new Racetrack memory uses the spin of electrons to move data at hundreds of miles per hour to atomically precise positions along the nanowire racetrack.
NATASHA Hamilton went for the nude look with this Philip Armstrong corsetted creation which showed the Kitten's assets off atomically well.