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(chemistry) any theory in which all matter is composed of tiny discrete finite indivisible indestructible particles

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In them, Gorlaeus did not strive merely to present an atomic theory of matter, but sought to formulate a coherent and comprehensive system of physics, philosophy, and even theology.
The Ideas Behind the Electromagnetic Atomic Theory.
English physicist, developed atomic theory of matter.
Along the way you'll explore the world, clash with barbarians, discover everything from pottery through to atomic theory, trade technologies with other civs, create wonders such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, go to war with other nations and use diplomacy, all in an effort to claim overall victory.
Another example of how an existing paradigm can be altered without abandoning the older concept is John Dalton's development of the modern atomic theory in 1803 (Carpi 2003a).
Similarly, physicists and paleontologists were developing new insights into atomic theory that would yield better ways of dating bones and artifacts, such as the carbon-14 radioactive dating method.
Finally, evolution is indisputable, Matzke points out--as well established as the germ theory of disease and the atomic theory.
Imagine translating element names, atomic theory, or the periodic table into a language that had no words for these concepts
Students hoping to learn biology (and many other subjects) need a grounding in evolution, just as students studying physics need to grasp atomic theory.
Later, Dalton s atomic theory is introduced as the culmination of the chemical revolution.