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nuclear energy regarded as a source of electricity for the power grid (for civilian use)

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Negotiations for construction of two atomic power plants in Iran are underway at the cost of dlrs 10 billion with the Russian Federation.
The first 1,000 MW unit of Kudankulam atomic power project, which is located in Tirunelvelli district, is already functional.
The PML-N leader said first Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif made Pakistan atomic power and now he is strengthening the country economically.
Jaczko hoped that Japan uses its resources and energy to come up with ways to function without atomic power.
But it spent five more months on further discussions amid criticism from Japan Atomic Power and some ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers that the panel had not sufficiently listened to the arguments of the plant operator.
The Memorandum sets out the areas of technical cooperation for a study on the introduction of a nuclear power plant, promoted by the government of Kazakhstan, following a "Cooperation Agreement for LWR Nuclear Power Plant Introduction in Republic of Kazakhstan" signed among the Japan Atomic Power Company, the NNC and other relevant organizations at a joint public-private sector delegation in April 2007.
The development of a culture and market structures able to accommodate atomic power and cater to investors, is a challenge the region must address to progress its nuclear ambitions.
Expressing doubts about the IAEA safety review, antinuclear activists, including People's Union for Civil Liberties ( PUCL) general secretary Kavita Shrivastava raised issues of nuclear safety vulnerabilities and lack of independent regulation of atomic power production in the country.
He also suggested that nuclear power companies may need to be nationalised, calling for debate about the ability of the private sector to run atomic power plants, given TEPCO s multi-billion-dollar compensation bill.
Summary: Japan's nuclear disaster has triggered global alarm and reviews of safety at atomic power plants around the world.
9 February 2011 - JCR assigned today an AA rating to the bonds of Japan Atomic Power Co.
Summary: Iran announced Saturday that its first atomic power plant built by Russia in Bushehr has started operations.
When Alun and Jack argue for the siting of new nuclear plants in Swansea, perhaps a nice shiny reactor in Morriston and the necessary radioactive waste disposal repository in the less densely populated Gower, transported to the repository through the centre of the city, then their atomic power enthusiasm must be considered as just hot air.
SEVEN men have been contaminated in a radiation leak inside Hunterston atomic power station
Even in atomic power plants the same steam cycle is needed, and the cooling towers are needed.