atomic physics

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the branch of physics that studies the internal structure of atomic nuclei

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Total quantity or scope: Scientific instrumentation in the University of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, Institute of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Physics and Optometry and Vision Science Department and the Geography and Earth Sciences.
And since a "test" in geophysics is so different from one in atomic physics, it makes even less sense to use a single phrase to explain all scientific explorations.
Instead he could begin to dig into the deepest mysteries of atomic physics.
Pritchard is a pioneer in atomic physics research and has mentored three Nobel lauriates.
It differs from other textbooks on quantum electronics in that the material is more oriented towards the interests of atomic physics experimentalists as opposed to, say, workers in the telecommunications industry.
He successfully applied the techniques he developed in atomic physics to molecular biology, and since 2004, motivated by his deep interest in climate change, he has recently led the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in pursuit of new alternative and renewable energies.
He was a faculty member in the Physics Department at Holy Cross College since 1961, where he was a devoted teacher and did basic research in atomic physics.
The prototype device could replace tabletop-sized instruments used for laser calibration in atomic physics research, could better stabilize optical telecommunications channels, and perhaps could replace and improve on the precision of instrumentation used to measure length, chemicals or atmospheric gases.
Post-Hiroshima atomic physics captured his soaring imagination, too, producing giant, sky-bound heads that explode in a whirlwind of infinite particles.
About the authors: Antoine Weis is full professor at the Physics Department of the University of Fribourg and leader of the Fribourg Atomic Physics group (FRAP) at the Physics Department of the University of Fribourg, Stephan Groeger and Georg Bison are Ph.
in atomic physics from the University of Chicago, life is a series of smashing electrons.
Widely studied in molecular biology, atomic physics and quantum optics, optical vortices (also known as orbital angular momentum, or OAM, beams) were thought to be unstable in fiber, until BU Engineering Professor Siddharth Ramachandran recently designed an optical fiber that can propagate them.
He is schooled in both philosophy and theology alongside his rigorous training in atomic physics.
Among their topics are Isaac Newton and prehistory, Max Planck and the birth of the quantum adventure, Neils Bohr introduces the quantum into atomic physics, Erwin Schrodinger and wave mechanics, eigenstates in the subnuclear world, and Richard Feynman and the strange theory of light and matter.
Massive has achieved the journalistic equivalent of capturing the particle: The story pins down how a young Higgs, disenchanted with the use of atomic physics for weapons, came to propose a new type of particle that solved a snafu in a theory on symmetries.