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the order of an element in Mendeleyev's table of the elements

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The word effective denotes that the total nuclear charge is not involved in elastic scattering of incident electrons, especially for atoms of higher atomic number due to screening of the nucleus by the inner orbital electrons.
The x-ray continuum intensity depends upon the average atomic number, Z, and the continuum photon energy, [E.
This is a range of relatively stable nuclei with atomic numbers just above 110.
I believe these four words are the only single-letter transdeletions of all the element names in the atomic number range 110-999.
Which element, used as a semiconductor, has the atomic number 14?
Based solely on lawrencium's atomic number, chemists expect that its outermost electrons will be in 5f, 6d and 7s orbitals.
These various nuclear species are the nuclides, while isomers are two or more atomic nuclei that have the same atomic number and the same mass, but different energy states and half-lives.
Which metallic element, atomic number 50, has the symbol Sn?
This confirms what the scientists had thought: that materials with similar effective atomic numbers--an average atomic number for a mixture of components--such as different lettuce varieties, will have similar dose distribution.
For example, in the A-B intraverbal, the antecedent stimuli were, "Name the boron [-group] element" and the correct response was "indium"; in the B-C intraverbal, the antecedent stimuli were "Name the atomic number of the indium" and the correct response was "49.
He considers materials from a microscopic view of interacting electrons and nuclei and explains the properties of materials in terms of basic quantities of electrons and nuclei, such as electronic charge, mass, and atomic number.
International researchers led by Lund University conducted an experiment to prove the existence of the element, which has been given the atomic number 115, at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research facility in Germany.
2 An arrangement of elements placed in order of increasing atomic number is better known as a periodic what?
The 3 Bosons then combined with Electrons to form 5 various geometrical particles we now identified as Higgs Bosons that was discovered by CERN this year and is also confirmed by the Atomic Mass, Atomic Number and Period of each Element in each Block on the Periodic Table.
2 Which chemical element has the atomic number 5 and chemical symbol B?