atomic mass unit

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unit of mass for expressing masses of atoms or molecules

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The largest protein known, titin weighs in at 3 million atomic mass units, or 3 million times the weight of a hydrogen atom.
But this element has an atomic mass that is more than 200 atomic mass Units (amu).
Dermatrends' proprietary enhancer system has also been tested on large molecule drugs with weights up to 1400 atomic mass units (amu) and it has received separate patents for its ability to deliver large molecule peptide drugs through the skin.
This choice of Avagadro's number keeps the numerical value of the mass of one atom in atomic mass units the same as the numerical value of one mol of atoms in gram molar mass units.
Your favorite snacks just wouldn't taste the same without this element, which has an atomic mass of nearly 23 atomic mass units (u).