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(chemistry) the mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units

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The tops, with distance from the origin of the coordinates, approach the location Y = 1 and K = X wherein atomic mass takes its maximally possible numerical value, which indicates the last (heaviest) element of the Periodic Table.
The main sign according to which the elements of the long Periods are split into two rows is their oxidation order: the same numerical values of it are repeated in the same Period with increase of atomic mass of the elements.
Calculated coordinates of peaks of elements (the square root of the atomic mass and coefficient of scaling 20.
It decayed after less than a millisecond by emitting an alpha particle, which consists of two protons and two neutrons, to create an iso tope of element 110 with an atomic mass of 273.
2 Some peculiarities of the dependency between atomic mass of the elements and their numbers in the Table of Elements
Using the law, we first calculated the atomic mass of the upper (heaviest) element allowed in the Periodic Table (411.
Researchers at GSI, the center for heavy ion research in Darmstadt, reported evidence last week of an isotope of element 110, with an atomic mass of 269.
As can be seen, there is a general trend of decreasing abundance with increasing atomic mass, but the plot has a few remarkable extremities.
As one consequence, the atomic mass of silicon-28 is now known accurately enough to encourage further work on determining the density and atomic spacing of an ultrapure silicon crystal.
Each Element has 2 Atomic Numbers but has the same Atomic Mass.
The inventor of this unique enhancer technology, Tsung-Min (Richard) Hsu and scientists at Dermatrends, believe that in combination with a matrix patch design, Dermatrends is capable of delivering hydrophilic drugs with molecular weights up to 1400 atomic mass units (amu) in weight through human skin.
Steffen Peiser (1957-present) Crystal growth, symmetry, and characterization for free-radical research, relative atomic mass values, and the fundamental constants.
Each Element has two Atomic Numbers and same Atomic Mass which accounts for all behaviors of Elements and proof of Parallel Universes.