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the explosion of an atomic bomb

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One entry shows an atomic explosion set off in the city and rippling out to rupture all the world.
8 kilometers north of the location which later became the epicenter of the atomic explosion.
The after-effects of an atomic explosion were not fully appreci-atein 1945.
The over-the-top atomic explosion and BaleAAEs rather horsey-sounding voiceover increase the dramatics towards the end of the film.
Russia's defence ministry said an atomic explosion at had taken place in northeastern North Korea, 0954am (0054GMT) and estimated the blast's yield to be up to 20 kilotonnes, about the same as the US bombs used against the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of World War Two.
Although the titular "dud" refers to a missile that fails to go off, at the end of the film we are shown a blinding white light as if from an atomic explosion, followed by traveling shots and stills in which the catacombs and grounds of the base can be seen in their present state of decrepitude.
After surviving an atomic explosion, Indy finds himself off to South America searching for his colleague Professor Oxley (John Hurt) and his old girlfriend Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen from "Raiders").
government combat reports of radiation sickness in Japan: "This historic ground in New Mexico, scene of the first atomic explosion on earth and cradle of a new era in civilization, gave the most effective answer today to Japanese propaganda that radiations were responsible for deaths even after the day of the explosion, Aug.
Even with bomb-grade uranium, the atomic explosion will occur only if the sub-critical elements of the bomb are held together for several microseconds against the burgeoning force of the reaction.
That had been sand before the atomic explosion a few miles away in Hiroshima, he was told.
95) as a classic: it first appeared in 1953 by Gnome Press and is also a facsimile reproduction of the original, telling of a group of gifted children who are super-intelligent, all hiding the fact from adults--and all born as the result of an atomic explosion.
Included are iconic images of the atomic explosion over Nagasaki; the D-Day invasion of Omaha Beach during World War II; the assassination of President John F.
Japanese fighting on Sakhalin Island and the fact that the Japanese gave up after the second atomic explosion thwarted Stalin.
I have also drawn the phallus to resemble, albeit suggestively, an atomic explosion.
The men were ordered to gaze with the naked eye at an atomic explosion to see what effect the huge fireball had on their eyes.
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