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Synonyms for atom-bomb

bomb with atomic weapons


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The four-person panel will include representatives from The Industry Standard, Emmy Magazine, Atom-Bomb.
atom-bomb attack that helped break the war-making will of Japan, marked the rise of a superpower.
atom-bomb in World War II, is ''the actual place of pain of the world's worst destructive weapon'' and ''a dynamic source of inspiration for putting not one's own nation, city, or group first, but for putting the global human community and the entire planet first.
A Japanese mission to research the health condition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom-bomb survivors living in North Korea arrived Tuesday in Pyongyang, the official (North) Korean Central News Agency reported.
The group, which will stay in North Korea until Saturday, will check on the health of people who were exposed to radiation in the two atom-bomb attacks and see what medical treatment they are receiving now, according to Japanese sources.