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a nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission (splitting the nuclei of a heavy element like uranium 235 or plutonium 239)

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Further, Roosevelt's wartime strategy left the United States with sole possession of the atom bomb and with a ring of global bases which the Air Force deemed essential for an attack, if one became necessary, on the Soviet Union.
The defiant claim will alarm the West which fears the Gulf state is trying to develop atom bombs and not power stations.
just having an atom bomb and a lot of weapons won't help the country in any meaningful way.
Some were more powerful - in one case, dozens of times stronger - than the 15-kiloton atom bomb blast that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.
To claim your super FREE nail polish, just cut out the voucher below and take it to your nearest Claire's Accessories or Bow Bangles and you will be given a FREE nail polish from the three shades we are offering - Lavender Hill Mob, Atom Bomb or Closet Romantic.
Scientists Aided Soviet Atom Bomb Is Faulted," declared The Washington Post; even the Russian Intelligence Service, which replaced the KGB, moved quickly to denounce this revision of history by Sudoplatov, an old Stalinist hatchet man.
John Hahn, a former Marine tech Sergeant, reflects on covering the Enola Gay as it flew through enemy air space to drop the atom bomb.
She will be discussing her latest work, Hiroshima: After Aftermath, which is an attempt to visually and poetically address the magnitude of what disappeared as a result of and what remains after the dropping of the Atom bomb in 1945.
MILITARY chiefs knew Britain's atom bomb tests could kill thousands, secret documents reveal.
VARIOUS ARTISTS Amchitka (Greenpeace) w SHE was just an upcoming Canadian singer but a youthful Joni Mitchell stole the show at the first benefit gig staged by Greenpeace in 1970 to protest US atom bomb tests on the island of Amchitka.
He said that Pakistan had not made Atom Bomb for the sake of just formality and those who cast an evil to Pakistan then it would not be better for them.
Storm experts said winds gusting up to 250mph battered the country with the same force as an atom bomb.
The planners decided it would have to be an atom bomb because a hydrogen bomb would have been too heavy for the missile, the report said.
Early work on the atom bomb was also carried out behind the security fences.
PLANS were being drawn up for Britain's first atom bomb test.