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an island consisting of a circular coral reef surrounding a lagoon

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This is the third successful find for BP in Egypt, following Salamat and Atoll.
The nation's atolls are the geologic remnants of volcanic islands that subsided into the ocean over eons.
In Beijing, China admitted on Wednesday it had sent vessels to the disputed atoll to tow a grounded ship but added these vessels had since left the waters.
The plant located on Funafuti - the most populated atoll that hosts the capital of the Tuvalu island nation - was funded by the $50 million UAE-Pacific Partnership Fund through the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.
At the 2003 Atoll Chiefs' Conference in Male, many complained about these criminals and their negative influence on the youth.
Sison joined Mohammed Ibrahim, Maldivian State Minister for Environment and Energy, and Zaha Waheed, State Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture, and hundreds of North Ari Atoll environment and beach lovers to celebrate the Marine Festival "Moodhu Maa-Kan'du Fest 2014" on September 20 in North Ari Atoll, Mathiveri Island.
Speaking at the annual Pacific Islands Forum on Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak said the issue will be reflected in the final communique of the 44th Pacific Islands Forum that ends Friday, saying he might also raise the matter with U.
On 1st March 1954, the US detonated an experimental hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll.
Atoll Paradise, a tourism operator, has won three awards at the World Travel Awards.
com)-- At the Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony for the World Travel Awards, which took place at Paradise Island, a private resort in the Maldives, on May 12, 2013, Atoll Paradise emerged yet again as a leader in the region, winning three of the coveted awards, for "Indian Ocean's Leading Travel Agency," "Maldives' Leading Tour Operator," and also in the newly established category "Seychelles' Leading Luxury Tour Operator.
When the nude dancer, Micheline Bernardini, modelled the bikini at a public pool in Paris on 5 July 1946, the blaze of publicity that followed the unleashing of the fashion icon immediately trivialised the humanly willed catastrophe wrought on Bikini Atoll and its Indigenous inhabitants four days previously.
It also acts as an outline for jet ski and boat users as the atoll area has been restricted due to numerous complaints regarding noise, as well as the safety aspect of having motorised crafts coming to the atolls.
Thousands of albatross, petrels, and fish, as well as tens of thousands of chicks, were killed when the five-foot waves overswept 60 percent of the atoll.
IF Kwajalein Atoll is just two things--at least from the perspective of the Americans who work there--it might be both a paradise and a target.
30 August 2010 - The ATOLL study sponsored by the Assistance Publique - Hopitaux de Paris showed that enoxaparin reduced the composite of death, complication of myocardial infraction, procedure failure or major bleeding by 17% in comparison with standard heparin (p=0.