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eaten as mush or as a thin gruel

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The Gambia supplement produced an impressive reduction in perinatal mortality, and in Guatemala, early-life exposure to Atole improved childhood growth and adult economic productivity (49).
High quality food products branded under Aguas Frescas, Peanuts, Snack sauces, Atole, Licuado, and Gelatina, are receiving significant market penetration in the largest Latin markets throughout the United States.
The event will feature live music with Duo Piel Canela, a theatrical presentation of "Pastorelas," folkloric ballet, pi[+ or -]atas, hot punch, atole, tamales and mariachis.
In San Diego and El Paso, you can eat your tamale with atole, a hot cocoa drink made with thinned cornmeal.
Chocolate atole made with brown sugar and called champurrado is another typical beverage.
The protest included a symbolic meal of tamales and atole, two of Mexico's traditional foods.
The meal has a slightly different flavor and is the traditional base for a cooked, sweetened gruel, atole.
Other KLASS mixes are the Licuados, a Mexican-style milkshake mix available in five flavors; five Atole mixes, a thick beverage that is a combination of corn starch, water or milk and fruit that is served hot; Gelatinas, a gelatin dessert available in 10 flavors; Cafe del Olla, a sweetened instant coffee with the natural flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar; and Ponche de Frutas, a fruit punch drink mix with vitamins and minerals.
Elena Guillen demonstrates preparing tamales and atole with tasting afterward.
Atole is left plain, and pinole is sweetened and spiced to be used with heated milk as a breakfast item.
1 1/2 cups blue cornmeal for tortillas or for atole
Not only can a glass of milk be enjoyed with a meal, it can also be included in traditional Hispanic recipes like flan, atole de arroz (rice pudding), queso dip and tres leches cake.
At the third house, the group is finally admitted and a fiesta with tamales, chocolate atole and arroz dulce follows.