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a crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference

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The model reexamined the study incorporated by Nadiri and Hussain (2005) and expands it towards assessing festival destination atmospherics as measurement criteria of TOURZOT.
We gain effective and immediate access to the skills of the talented people who have been supporting Atmospherics customers over recent years.
In Afghanistan NATO ISAF forces have developed atmospherics into a systematic form of reporting and information sharing between a wide range of military, nonmilitary, and private civilian security contractors.
Most things like loading and atmospherics being equal, establishing agreed-upon power and flap settings at certain points around the traffic pattern will always produce airspeeds within a knot or two of what's desired.
Three years in the making, Honey From the Tombs is chock full of dreamy atmospherics and breakup tunes with a country flavour.
Rather than their usual brand of 'kosmische musik', here they were joined by a trio of violinists for an exercise in gently building atmospherics, aided on piano by Rich Batsford.
At their heir stories in all the murky atmospherics.
In addition, fiber is not affected by atmospherics and is more secure.
DESCRIBING themselves as a rock band inspired by dance music, atmospherics and great tunes, Trailer create an ambient, experimental and ferocious wall of sound - with only three people.
While James's rendering is self-consciously unvirtuosic and the acrylic he uses a poor substitute for oil, his reverence for Romantic atmospherics is clear.
The merger of the technologies developed by these two businesses has now been successfully finalized, and Vaisala will concentrate Thunderstorm operations in Tucson, in the US, where Vaisala had acquired Global Atmospherics Inc.
In each case, Thomas captures the atmospherics of a frenetically polarizing political climate, for which the crude and obtuse authoritarianism of the state officials provided the main motor.
Due to the violent nature of the maneuver and the prevailing atmospherics (scattered clouds and no moon illumination), the crew lost situational awareness somewhere during the dive.
You can look down on proceedings but are not able to soak in all the atmospherics and yet you are still paying the top prices as the people in the stalls.
Through intense observation and deft rendering of natural lighting and atmospherics, John moves beyond mere structure and arrives at a true sense of place.