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a crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference

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Global Atmospherics, the world authority in lightning detection technology for 25 years, specialises in equipment and data services that provide reliable warning, tracking, mapping and analysis of cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning.
Although current number Evolution was a powerful addition to a careeren compassing set, the loudest cheer went up for their disjointed classic Freak On A Leash with its eerie atmospherics and off-kilter beats proving to be a highlight.
Some may feel she's become a bit too seduced by the sirens of techno atmospherics, though the counter argument would be that Apparition #13 is a bold incursion into similar territory to Suzanne Vega's Blood Makes Noise while Eight Months pulses with a narcotic trip-folk ambience in the mode of Beth Gibbons and Rustin' Man.
Peter Doig's strange, folksy paintings trade in atmospherics.
As if taking his style notes from this pair, Ratner's presentation registers somewhere between Demme's gothic, pregnant atmospherics and Mann's propulsive sleekness.
Best song was The State We're In - slow, effects-laden, with low, deep atmospherics welling into a bass-throb ending.
If you''re into shoegazing to the sounds of piano-based atmospherics then you could get something of a kick out of this five-piece from Oklahoma in America.
This has resulted in a number of problems, as it is impossible to completely trust some of the translations provided, which are frequently tainted by local atmospherics.
They're early Smashing Pumpkins colliding with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's oil-slick grooves, Eagle of Death Metal's sleazy rock 'n' roll and The Black Angels atmospherics.
In the soft-focus pictorialism favored by artistically-inclined photographers in the early decades of the twentieth century, it can be hard to tell the atmosphere from the atmospherics.
Atmospherics are generally understood to be the environmental, security, political, and socio-cultural gauges that a military analyzes as part of a broader assessment of a conflict zone.
The atmospherics continue but fate will be fulfilled in that their promised freedom is eventually reached and the hint of adventures to come hangs in the air.
He stated that the talks had helped in improving the atmospherics and in laying the ground work for the ministerial meeting.
Moby is the master of the synth atmospherics and he does it here again.
The club's chief executive, Ian Ritchie, said: "The key thing for the new roof is the atmospherics and humidity conditions.