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a crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference

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The positive atmospherics, the natural relationship that was on display between President Moon and Chairman Kim was moving, knowing what kinds of tragedies have befallen the two Koreas in the years since the armistice.
Festival destination atmospherics were also not explored and tested for its contribution to construct zone-of-tolerance.
The usual phenomenological approach to atmospherics feeds into the very affects that perpetuate the atmosphere (see, however, Bogost, 2012; Ihde, 2009; Spinney, 2015).
Just remember the old computer science adage "garbage in, garbage out." I was hoping to take the H&H to Africa and set up the atmospherics accordingly.
"In the village the French signal is patchy depending on the atmospherics and the weather, but here on the beach the French signal is constant because we are a the foot of the cliffs and the UK signal is blocked out."
The four piece had their own dancer who perfectly reflected their sinewy, creeping atmospherics with some outlandish twisted contortions.
"The atmospherics were deteriorating considerably and therefore it was important for us that we first ensure that the atmospherics return to normal or near-normal," he said.
New Delhi: Asserting that it will not be influenced by "jingoistic conversations" in sections of the media, the government said on Sunday peace process with Pakistan was back on track "considerably" but made it clear that "atmospherics" have to be right to move forward.
Even without the atmospherics, this performance, this summer offering of Beckwith's Toronto Masque Theatre was more than worth the drive.
If you''re into shoegazing to the sounds of piano-based atmospherics then you could get something of a kick out of this five-piece from Oklahoma in America.
This has resulted in a number of problems, as it is impossible to completely trust some of the translations provided, which are frequently tainted by local atmospherics. The solution would appear to be to hire American citizens or permanent residents who happen to speak the needed languages, but that also raises security issues.
"But the effects of air conditioners reach far beyond atmospherics to the ways we build our houses, where in the country we live, and how we spend our time," explains Rebecca J.
In the soft-focus pictorialism favored by artistically-inclined photographers in the early decades of the twentieth century, it can be hard to tell the atmosphere from the atmospherics.
The group was only supposed to "provide broad information about the political and tribal dynamics in the region - called 'atmospherics' - and 'force protection' information that might protect American troops from attack."