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Synonyms for atmospherical

relating to or located in the atmosphere


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(2) The narrator of Seven Gables "manage[s] his atmospherical medium" to highlight the legacy of the Pyncheon curse and the persistence of the Pyncheon-Maule feud.
Atmospherical Turbulence Models and Methods for Engineering Applications.
where [[??].sup.0] is the approximate geoid height, [delta][N.sup.Topo.sub.comb] is the combined topographic correction, which includes the sum of the direct and indirect topographical effects on the geoid heights; [delta][N.sub.DWC] is the downward continuation correction, [delta][N.sup.a.sub.comb] is the combined atmospheric correction, which includes the sum of the direct and indirect atmospherical effects, and [delta][N.sub.e] is the ellipsoidal correction for the spherical approximation of the geoid in Stokes' formula to ellipsoidal reference surface.
Lettau [12-14] developed a conceptual model, explaining the atmospherical dynamics of Northern Peru.
Absorption and diffusion caused by atmospherical particles are expressed in terms of the Linke turbidity factors.
Correspondingly, the pressure was increased from atmospherical pressure to 1.0 MPa and remained constant for 5 hours.
Because an up-to-date land cover classification covering the study area was not available, we classified IRSP6-LISS3 satellite imagery with a supervised maximum likelihood classifier after image referencing and atmospherical correction.
For Hawthorne, who, in the preface to The House of the Seven Gables (1851) utilizes the artistic metaphor of chiaroscuro when he announces that he will "manage his atmospherical medium as to bring out or mellow the lights and deepen and enrich the shadows of the picture" (1), painting, and, in particular, portraiture, offers a useful visual correlative for the literary romance.