atmospheric static

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a crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference

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The encoder is immune to lightning and atmospheric static that can zap conventional encoders.
will be assured of a new experience in radio enjoyment, free from the annoyance of interference by electric razors or vacuum cleaners, atmospheric static, and competing programs which set up a stream of 'cross talk' on standard broadcasting dials.
The Cubic Detector improves our ability to study how atmospheric static charge is consumed and replenished.
The patent, which covers the mechanism that gathers atmospheric static electricity for use through a conductive line isolated from the ground, was filed by the Company in September 2008.
Following on the heels of this week's announcements about patents secured for an Atmospheric Static Electricity Collector and Dynamic Electrical Converter System, the collector reflects the Company's strategy of staking out a strong intellectual property position within the atmospheric energy realm -- offering protection for the technology as well as increasing value for shareholders.
We believe that now is the time to focus on the potential for atmospheric static electricity as a supplemental energy source, for the sake of the environment and the economy.
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