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The UK''s Meteorological Office, often maligned for its predictions in a notoriously difficult field, is now getting the opportunity to study an atmospheric phenomenon which occurs very rarely in Britain.
This is an El Nino year, but the atmospheric phenomenon over the Pacific is not as severe as scientists expected.
He was witnessing a circumzenithal arc, a beautiful and rare atmospheric phenomenon.
Two factors thought to strongly influence hurricane formation are wind shear--an atmospheric phenomenon in which adjacent layers of air move at different speeds or in different directions--and seasurface temperature.
Sub-tropical regions are vulnerable to summer drought due to an atmospheric phenomenon known as the Hadley Cells
Dr David Clarke, who teaches folklore at Sheffield Hallam University, is the man who last year uncovered the MoD's secret 1970s investigation into Welsh UFOs, and this year discovered a more recent Government investigation, which concluded UFOs are probably caused by atmospheric phenomenon.
Airglow is an atmospheric phenomenon in which photons from the sun excite air molecules, which eventually emit light at several specific wavelengths.
6% in the region in 1997, well below the usual 4% or above, the document states, attributing the fall to natural disasters and El Nino, the recurring oceanic and atmospheric phenomenon in the tropical Pacific that affects global weather.
He compares the conclusions of Denison Olmsted (who was among the first to note that Leonids radiated from a single point in the sky) that the meteors were of cosmic origin and derived from a cometlike body (a remarkable connection at the time), to those of earlier thinkers (such as Aristotle) who associated meteors with a purely atmospheric phenomenon.
The work takes advantage of improved computer modelling techniques achieved in studies of El Nino, an oceanic and atmospheric phenomenon that periodically triggers a climatic upheaval dominating the global weather.
Tornadoes, the most violent atmospheric phenomenon, form only during thunderstorm activity.
On Sunday nights, the town is a mecca to islanders who come to catch a glimpse of the "Green Ray," an atmospheric phenomenon seen only as the sun sinks into the sea.
The 80s have brought us five of the warmest years on record, as well as an awareness of an atmospheric phenomenon called global warming (see "ReLeaf for Global Warming" in the November/December 1988 issue).
Meteorological patterns on Earth are delicately linked together and there is a cause and effect involved in atmospheric phenomenon.
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