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We show that in the past the sulphate aerosol formed in a very different way than today, indicating a difference in the past atmospheric condition or something peculiar with these explosive eruptions in the west," he added.
Since atmospheric conditions have an impact on the distance a baseball will travel, which influences the number of home runs and number of runs scored in a baseball game, air density and other weather-related variables could play a role in affecting the game outcome in the totals market.
This occasionally happens when certain atmospheric conditions prevail," it concluded.
The weather agency warned Friday of heavy rainfall across western and southwestern Japan, especially in the Shikoku and Kyushu regions through Saturday, forecasting unstable atmospheric conditions.
We have found a clear connection between human activity and changes in atmospheric conditions that create favorable conditions for the formation of large tropical cyclones," said study author Dr.
Researchers led by Zhili He of the University of Oklahoma in Norman compared soil microbial communities that formed under current atmospheric conditions with communities that developed under the elevated levels of carbon dioxide that are predicted for 2050.
Tapering low atmospheric conditions on the eastern Mediterranean basin would prompt relative hike in temperature with a high of 25 degrees Celsius on the coastline dropping to a low of 14 degrees by nightfall.
Due to clear atmospheric conditions the crescent of the new month was sighted in many different parts of the country.
The dramatic clouds - altocumulus lenticularis - are usually found in mountainous regions due to very specific atmospheric conditions.
As soon as atmospheric conditions in the mine improve, mine rescue teams will re-enter the mine to continue the search for the four missing workers and recover and identify the bodies of the fourteen unidentified victims.
Muscat, December 12 (ONA) The Ministry of Education announced that tomorrow (Sunday) will be a holiday for students, teaching and administrative staff at governmental and private schools in the Governorates of Muscat, Musandam, the Al Buraimi and regions of the Southern and Northern Al Batinah, the Al-Dhahira and wilayats of Bidbid and Sumail in the Al Dakhiliya region as a precautionary measure due to the unstable atmospheric conditions in the Sultanate.
announced today that beginning December 21 it will launch the trial operation of a network of environmental sensors that measure pollen, carbon dioxide (CO2), ultraviolet (UV) sunlight and other atmospheric conditions (see graphic below) that can affect human health and daily life.
While on paper an airplane's course appears to take it directly to its destination, atmospheric conditions could easily force the plane off course.
Information about atmospheric conditions is available at www.
and western Canada, during which he studied the effects of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric conditions on plant growth and observed glacier activity.
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