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a device resembling a sling that is used in various primitive societies to propel a dart or spear

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The La Brea atlatl foreshafts: inferences for the Millingstone Horizon, Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly 22(2): 21-30.
Some say the atlatl was the first true weapons system since it had both a projectile and a launching device.
Martin's progressively popular "Blitzkrieg" theory posits that humans, the Clovis culture of present-day New Mexico in particular, caused the extermination of seventy-five percent of America's late Pleistocene megafauna--plodding giants that, relative to their African and Asian counterparts, were afforded precious little time to adapt to large-brained Homo sapiens who, by 13,000 years ago, had ably hunted with fluted stone points fastened to wooden shafts and portable spear levers called atlatl.
In its mission statement, Atlatl, a national organization established in 1977 to support indigenous artists of the Americas, states that it "promotes the vitality of contemporary Native American art through self-determination in cultural expression" (www.
In fact, over the course of my many years of studying and writing about the American Indian, atlatl isn't a word that comes up all that frequently in the circles that I typically find myself.
Hunters should not be allowed to use a prehistoric weapon known as the atlatl to kill deer, advises the Pennsylvania Game Commission.
Whether they're making a piece of jewelry or recreating a headdress or an atlatl for a museum or movie set, they try to make it using the same methods and with the same materials that were used when these items were made by Aboriginal people years ago.
But the park's mother lode of petroglyphs is at Atlatl Rock, where a staircase climbs to an observation platform that affords viewing of a vast display of rock art.
Game has been taken with knives and spears, as well as the atlatl and self-bows of the most ancient types.
Archery and related games such as long-arrow and atlatl casting and hoop and dart were well-at-tended, as was the Blackfeet children's game of Run and Scream, where girls take in a huge breath, start screaming as loudly as they can, and run until they're out of air.
Jolene Rickard, Native Networks: Atlatl Biennial Conference, AFTERIMAGE, Jan.
The White Oak Project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received $115,000; The Kitchen, New York, received $135,000, and Atlatl, Inc.
Best bet: Atlatl Rock campground's primitive walk-in sites amoung weather-sculptured sandstone.
Forty-three complete or semi-complete obsidian points (Figure 9a-c) and an atlatl (Figure 9d) were found in the Unit P2 refuse.
According to Craig Lee, a research associate with CU-Boulder's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, the atlatl dart, a spear-like hunting weapon, had been frozen in the ice patch for 10 millennia.