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a device resembling a sling that is used in various primitive societies to propel a dart or spear

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To help Norberg get the unit started, Leidtke visited the 7th-grade classroom and taught a version of the atlatl lesson, as well as leading students in a discussion about the iterative nature of the design process.
Some say the atlatl was the first true weapons system since it had both a projectile and a launching device.
Figura 8 El unico otlatl sonorense El atlatl es un lanzador de dardos hecho de madera dura.
They are the switch from atlatl and dart to bow and arrow by resident hunter-gatherers, and a change in caribou subspecies.
The atlatl, a sling used for throwing a spear great distances in ancient times figures predominately in the older carvings while bows and arrows were first introduced about 1500 years ago, and horses a mere 200 years ago.
Most archaeologists agree that these abstract representations of birds, fashioned from banded, striated slate and usually grey, deep charcoal, or green, were used as atlatl weights attached to spears to counterbalance thrust.
We used flint tools to deflesh a deer leg, and we learned how to throw an atlatl.
No obstante, el atlatl tambien ha sido encontrado en Baja California Sur, Chihuahua y Coahuila, en Mexico, y en Arizona, Nuevo Mexico, Texas, Utah y Colorado, en los Estados Unidos.
Visitors used prehistoric hand-driven pump drills and an atlatl, the spear-thrower used by Paleoindians to hunt mammoths.
He was right-handed, with prominent muscle attachments in the elbow and wrist area from a repetitive lock-and-thrust action, such as the use of an atlatl, or spear thrower, indicating that he was a hunter.
Defino "elemento" como el componente pictografico individual de un panel de arte rupestre, como pueda ser un antropomorfo, un animal, un atlatl o lanzador de venablos, o una forma geometrica.
Vast limits of time As I absorb, then wander in mind to the rear of the atlatl event, as I try to imagine the process of diffusion that brought this innovation within range of Paiute practice, and greatly increased the tribe's hunting yield, I think; what narrow words Sam the archeologist and I are spreading on the wind.
Despite the fact that every public beach in Queensland, Australia, has been periodically closed this season due to blooms of box jellyfish, and despite the fearsome saltwater crocodiles living here, Les strides confidently into the bay with a pair of 10-foot-long bamboo spears and his wooden woomera, the multipurpose Aboriginal atlatl, or spear-thrower.
A third alternative has two atlatl weapon systems used against different-sized prey.