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intense energy


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There is fitness but there is also an innate athleticism and I think it is that which Dublin have currently in their squad - a phenomenal athleticism around the field.
Film projections presented a subtle yet evocative backdrop for the Olympian athleticism and flexibility of the dancers.
The sport combines athleticism and remarkable finesse.
One big factor that the Cowboys would lose from a Bryant imprisonment or suspension would be speed and athleticism.
Perhaps the most interesting chapter is devoted to Lewis Carroll whose experimental works of fantasy inevitably drew up a fascinating contest in his best-known fiction between his well-documented athleticism and his escape-into a wonderworld conceived entirely by the mind.
The girth is still there, the athleticism isn't, which merely leaves a fat person.
Unlike most other spectator sports, only those who have tried to play the game can really appreciate the athleticism and mental tenacity required to succeed.
It's hip-hop meets tribal, athleticism meets artistry.
I'm impressed with their athleticism and talent, and especially with the way they support each other.
We were concerned with prioritizing the kids' lifting and conditioning sessions so that everyone got the requisite exercises to improve their levels of strength as well as their areas of power, speed, agility, and mobility (flexibility); basically, their levels of athleticism.
He said: `'Star:track promotes athleticism in all events and gives the children taking part an insight into most disciplines so they can find out in which run, jump or throw they excel.
At least then she had the decency to show still-bloody text carved into her own back, proving, I guess, her athleticism.
FOR centuries circus clowns have been a benchmark in slapstick honing their timing and athleticism over the generations.
Jumping as high as the sun, knocking their competitors through concrete walls, and making unfathomable moves on the court, the game reveals both their innate black athleticism and their superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and jumping ability.