athletic wear

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attire worn for sport or for casual wear

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Since athletic wear has become much more aesthetically pleasing, and working out is the new "cool" thing to do, people can comfortably wear their gym clothes all the time.
Underwood's athletic wear, which will be available in March 2015, features capris and pants that will average $60 to $85 and tops that average $30 to $35 and can be easily mixed and matched.
consumers were most likely to try a new retailer when shopping for casual clothing (46 percent), business attire (17 percent), evening wear (12 percent), athletic wear (9 percent) and outdoors apparel (8 percent); and
There were a large number of colourful tents at the venue and what was referred to as 'healthy' food and refreshments were served to the participants, many of them in athletic wear.
The newly renamed Fairfield University Bookstore will open in October and will offer books and gifts, as welt as athletic wear and logo items from the university and regional high schools.
The Environment Ministry does not allow athletic wear, shorts, or flip flops under the new dress code.
The 'no trainers' rule was originally designed to protect revellers from a yobbish element who would conduct their night-time campaigns of senseless violence in athletic wear.
Bill Bowerman was an inventor renowned for the waffle-iron shoe soles that would be the foundation for the global athletic wear giant Nike.
The space was leased by lululemon usa inc, renowned Yoga-inspired athletic wear company.
Going forward, Exlan will apply Sapri in various clothing including underwear, pajamas, socks, stockings and gloves, as well as athletic wear and bedding.
Best of all, he gets paid for it as a 'cool hunter' who works for 'the client,' a big-name company that specializes in athletic wear through Mandy, their marketing agent.
Other new tenants will include Aldo Shoes; Zales Jewelers; Zumiez, which sells fashion and gear for the extreme-sports set; athletic wear retailer Lids; and local gifts and engraving store Make It Personal.
An unusual partnership between two young French fashion designers and a Peruvian Benedictine orphanage and school has led to a surprisingly successful line of fair trade athletic wear.
The alliance will first sell Russell-brand baseball uniforms and other athletic wear, they said.
Two-piece sets, athletic wear with racer-stripe trim, boot leg cut pants that rest on hips instead of waists, halter and handkerchief tops and loose-fitting, hip-hop-influenced clothing are the current look.