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muscular and big-boned


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Alex has made no secret of her taste for the athletic type.
An athletic type of the same weight should aim for 10 glasses a day.
Maybe you're the athletic type and enjoy sport and keeping fit, if so, you might like working in a council-run leisure centre.
Maybe you are the athletic type and enjoy sport and keeping fit, if so, you might like working in a council-run leisure centre.
Alongside Amanda, Danielle Panabaker will be playing the adventurous, athletic type.
If he's the athletic type, he might go for the Breeze restaurant at the Westin Century Plaza Hotel, 2025 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, where from 11 a.
His tall, slender frame would, at first glance, make him appear to be the athletic type you would find in the NBA, but that would be deceptive.
In recent years, the combination of stronger players, advanced teaching, athletic type conditioning, course preparation and equipment, all have helped raise the performance bar," continued Uihlein.
YOU can interpret that as signalling a belief that chasing is Champagne Fever's vocation, whereas Jezki, eighth behind him at Cheltenham after winning two Leopardstown bumpers, has looked a more fluent and athletic type in winning all four races over hurdles.
Don't worry if you're not the athletic type, this year isn't all about sport: even the Olympics is finding time for the arts.
Giving fans an idea of what to expect from their new arrival, he added: "Adriaan is a bit of a mixture between the big bulky lock and the more athletic type, and he really offers us a lot.
She loved reading and she was also an athletic type, a strong swimmer - although at 14 she had started towards fashions and records.
The six-year-old Roselier gelding is an athletic type, who looks better suited to bigger obstacles and his trainer Nicky Richards is looking more to the long term.
He was a loose-moving, athletic type," said Malone.
He has course-winning form, having landed a heavy-ground bumper little more than a year ago, and he is an athletic type with a good attitude to racing.