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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

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The jock strap has been a part of more sports moments than any other piece of sports merchandise," added Shulman, a noted athletic supporter.
I don't know what I would be, but I know what I wouldn't be: athletic supporter
Mueller is going big time in the athletic supporter line with a new black jock supporter, briefs, and banana cups.
In fact, even Hitler proved an impressive athletic supporter, if you catch my drift.
Urologists routinely advise patients to "wear an athletic supporter and put a bag of ice or frozen peas" on the affected area as standard post-operative care, often for many days.
Equally for Town, facing a top-flight team like Everton arguably is a window of opportunity as, if Clark's side can get an early foothold, the Toffees can be prone to wavering and producing an under-par performance - if you are a fan who needs reassurance on this point just seek out an Oldham Athletic supporter who will probably wax lyrical for hours about Gary McDonald's stunning winner which gave the League I side a shock FA Cup third-round win at Goodison back in January 2008.
He once called an athlete the "spit and image" of another, told of a jockey who weighed only so many pounds "soak and wet" and referred to a prominent local man as "the county's biggest athletic supporter.
Charlton Athletic supporter Sheila Tucker, 72, from Maidstone, Kent, said: "We flew up here today and we are flying back tomorrow.
Under Armour makes The Boxer Jock, "an athletic supporter with the cut of a boxer brief, using a unique microfiber fabric.
BIKE developed the original athletic supporter and the BIKE COMPRESSION PERFORMANCE SHORT(R) and markets the revolutionary PRO-EDITION football helmet.
One ad shows a writhing soccer player who has failed to wear an athletic supporter cup, while another features a near-toothless man who apparently shunned a toothbrush throughout his adult life.
A SIGHT and hearing charity is appealing for athletic supporters to join its team taking part in the 13.
Wigan Athletic supporters John Sharples, 32, and his brother Neil Sharples, 28, both from Wigan, also received a community punishment order and a three-year football banning order for their part in the violence last September.
Byrne was charged with public order offences after a volatile confrontation with St Patrick's Athletic supporters at a match.