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a support for the genitals worn by men engaging in strenuous exercise

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In the meantime try wearing a strong athletic support as this may give you more confidence.
These factors were found through studies with homogenous samples or through anecdotal evidence collected from coaches and athletic support staff.
Nicholas of Lenox Hill Hospital's Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Support agrees, "Working out when ill could lead to very serious problems, including heart disease," he says.
She also had to wear an athletic support on her wrist during her guitar solo but that was down to a light strain rather than old age.
And if a kid who is sitting in school, aware of his sexuality, and also aware that he could deck several large Romanians in the boxing ring, is tempted to come out because of our newfound athletic support, then that would be the best of all.
It's usually harmless and so any aching can be relieved by wearing an athletic support or tight underpants.
It may be that athletic departments at four-year institutions feel that they should be in charge of athletic support services and do not refer athletes as readily to university/college-wide activities.
For those with all the macho charisma of an athletic support, who have skinny geeks exercising a reign of terror over them, armed only with a balloon on a stick, there is still hope.
American firm Jockey came up with the idea in 1934, basing it on the athletic support known as the jock-strap.
Any aching may be relieved by wearing an athletic support or tight underpants.
(maker of ACE brand athletic supports), Beiersdorf Inc.
Futuro and BD Medical, for instance, continue to develop cutting-edge athletic supports and support hosiery for the growing number of aging weekend warriors and others with muscular and other painful conditions, while such companies as Nutrition 21 have targeted people with diabetes with a line of products aimed at specific health conditions that often come with aging, including chromium-based supplements shown to help control blood glucose levels and omega-3 products aimed at improving heart health.
Nexcare athletic supports, for example, have a Breath-O-Prene stretchable fabric lining that breathes and wicks away body moisture.
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