athletic sock

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a sock worn for athletic events

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Gildan believes that entry into the athletic sock market represents a significant growth opportunity for the Company, which will complement its overall retail strategy and leverage its existing core competencies and low-cost offshore manufacturing expertise.
Gold Toe Brands (formerly Great American Knitting Mills) -- the market leader in department store sock sales -- manufactures the Gold Toe line of dress, casual and athletic socks for men, women and children.
Each sock is constructed using Bombas Sock Tech, comprised of seven substantial ways to improve the comfort, performance and design of the athletic sock.
Check out an athletic sock brand that will knock your socks off.
Cleveland founded Swiftwick, a fledgling athletic sock company based in Nashville, Tenn.
Athletic sock manufacturers have led the way in improving fit by increasing the needle count of socks, from the standard 108 needle up to 144 needle or 168 needle.
Of course, you'd need to use athletic socks for that, to properly convey the fullness women acquire when they're with child.
An American in Paris used to be identified by his wearing of white athletic socks and dancing and singing in the streets.
The athletic socks are made by Bristol Products, and are placed in gift boxes produced by Dawn of Hope Developmental Center.
Get designer athletic socks at discount stores, like Marshall's or TJ Maxx.
Consumers could soon see athletic socks made of the fabric, which is laced with compounds called N-halamines.
This advantage explains the fiber's popularity for athletic socks and other sports apparel.
A fifteen-year-old with a frizzy Afro and athletic socks pulled up to his knees raises his hand anxiously.
The new Van Heusen hosiery line will include men's and boys' dress, casual and athletic socks.
Athletic socks drove overall sock category growth and were the hot spot for women, but for men attention was divided between both casual and athletic.