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However, efforts are being made now to get public on board in order to develop this athletic facility in a larger and enhanced way.
Buildings: What benefits does having an athletic facility on the roof provide?
A rendering of Columbia's proposed Steven Holl-designed athletic facility at Baker Field
Tenant amenities include an on-site dining facility with conference area, athletic facility and sundry shop.
GLENDALE - The area's growing list of all-weather fields reached 17 this year with the addition of a multimillion dollar outdoor athletic facility at Glendale College - a soccer/football field and track accessorized to a high gloss by the generosity of a former Glendale field-goal kicker who went on to coach the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl last February.
This job represents a major new trend in the upscale athletic facility market," said Larry Ball, BP International CEO.
Previous projects include designing the College's athletic facility, a 200-bed residence hall, an academic building, and a multipurpose recreational center.
6 million in athletic facility upgrades - including synthetic turf football fields and tracks on four campuses.
1225 Eye Street boasts a renovated lobby, 14 corner offices per floor, high ratio of window offices, a Client-only athletic facility with racquetball and squash courts and rooftop terrace overlooking the park.
6 million in athletic facility upgrades slated for the district's four high school campuses, the Valencia stadium had been a pipe dream.
Money raised from the festival will assist with building a multi-use athletic facility to meet the needs of mentally and physically challenged individuals in Surprise and nearby communities.
SANTA CLARITA - Football stadiums, soccer fields and tennis courts are part of a $43 million laundry list of athletic facility improvements recommended for the Hart high school district, but making the Sports Facilities Master Plan a reality will require intense budgeting and soul-searching by officials.
The preconstruction phase is scheduled to begin this month, with an anticipated completion date of August 2002 for the residence hall and January 2002 for the academic building/ athletic facility.
Xybernaut(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:XYBR) today announced an add-on contract valued at approximately $100,000 from a Virginia county for continued use of a Xybernaut service-based software solution developed to help the park and recreation department manage athletic facility use scheduling and maintenance.