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As sports photographers, we strive to photograph key moments of athletic competitions.
It provides thousands of people with intellectual disabilities the chance to participate in year-round Special Olympics sports training and athletic competition.
16) makes it sound like gene boosting is horrible and focuses entirely on those who wish to cheat in an athletic competition.
It perfectly showed the yawning gap between the Olympic spiritual ideal of peace through athletic competition and the cynical reality of governments' behaviour, as pro-Tibet protesters were wrestled to the floor.
The trophy, for athletic competition, will be paid for out of the pounds 21,000 that has built up in the fund for the treatment of Miss Board, who died of cancer in Munich on Boxing Day.
Virtues necessary for successful athletic competition are the same ones needed for a successful existence.
In this fifth book in the Traces series, the government of a futuristic dystopic England is attempting to restore the morale of the British people through the Youth International Games, a large-scale athletic competition.
The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for the disabled to develop physical fitness and to experience the joy of participating in friendly competition.
In addition to the athletic competition, the games feature 4 days of special workshops for donor families and an educational program for professionals involved in transplantation.
We hope many of the youngsters taking part in their first-ever athletic competition will now go on to join a local athletics club.
4) The absence of real athletic competition is just as notable in all of Lee's early works, which, I am arguing, allude often but only tangentially to sports, not in portrayals of real or imagined plays but through such codes as still photographs, emblazoned caps, and coy verbal references.
The first three of these are informal or citizen-based initiatives: athletic competition, communication among intellectuals, and celebrations between artists.
After Montreal withdrew as host of the 2006 Gay Games--throwing the world's premier gay athletic competition into jeopardy--the event's governing body on March 2 selected a new host: Chicago.