athlete's heart

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enlarged heart commonly found among athletes trained for endurance

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Unlike the ECG changes characteristic of athlete's heart, such ECG abnormalities are relatively uncommon (5%) and training-unrelated.
Considering the LV regular shape of the athlete's heart analyzed, the EF was calculated as difference of LV diameters from the formula (EDd-ESd)/EDd, where EDd and ESd are the LV end-diastolic and end-systolic diameters respectively.
It is well known that EF is well preserved in athletes; however to conduct an assessment of intrinsic myocardial performance on the athlete's heart using invasive measures is not practical considering the risk it would pose for the athlete.
While considered to be physiologically benign, it is important to differentiate the athlete's heart from a number of inherited cardiac pathologies, which may predispose the apparently young and healthy athlete to serious arrhythmia and the potential for SCD (12).
2009) Distinguishing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from athlete's heart physiological remodelling: clinical significance, diagnostic strategies and implications for preparticipation screening.
If they exercise too vigorously for an extended period of time, they could develop athlete's heart syndrome, or something close to it, which could lead to a dangerously widened pulse pressure.
Everybody deceived themselves into believing that they had an athlete's heart by either enduring the cold water for less or more time than previously - depending upon the lie they were told.
In borderline cases, calculation of the LV mass distribution index by 3-dimensional echocardiography has been shown to have 100% specificity in distinguishing HCM from both athlete's heart and hypertensive cardiomyopathy.
The school staff, trained to use a defibrillator just one week earlier, averted tragedy when they restarted the young athlete's heart with a single shock.
Another feature of the athlete's heart is an enlargement of the heart's main pumping chamber, known as left ventricular hypertrophy, or LVH.
He was just 4, when his father, Bill, died suddenly of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the same condition commonly known as athlete's heart, which killed Pete Maravich.
New evidence suggests that certain abnormal electrocardiograms associated with athlete's heart should no longer be dismissed as benign, and deserve "continuous surveillance" because they may predict the subsequent development of heart disease, according to Dr.
The ECG alterations in the other 20 junior athletes "are most likely the consequence of athletic conditioning and represent another potential component of the athlete's heart syndrome," the investigators wrote.