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Synonyms for athirst

needing or desiring drink

Synonyms for athirst

(usually followed by 'for') extremely desirous

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Tom," he said, "these folks that get such hard measure seem to have been doing just what I have,--living good, easy, respectable lives; and not troubling themselves to inquire how many of their brethren were hungry or athirst, or sick, or in prison.
Not alone, had Ngurn informed him, was the Red One more bestial powerful than the neighbour tribal gods, ever athirst for the red blood of living human sacrifices, but the neighbour gods themselves were sacrificed and tormented before him.
As soon as dinner was over, and Tom had been questioned by such of his neighbours as were curious as to his birth, parentage, education, and other like matters, East, who evidently enjoyed his new dignity of patron and mentor, proposed having a look at the close, which Tom, athirst for knowledge, gladly assented to; and they went out through the quadrangle and past the big fives court, into the great playground.
Stiggins for a reply; that gentleman, with many rollings of the eye, clenched his throat with his right hand, and mimicked the act of swallowing, to intimate that he was athirst.
The young seamstress's wondering why a humble person like herself should be condemned to death along with aristocrats finds an indirect answer in a twentieth-century novel about the French Revolution, Anatole France's The Gods Are Athirst, where the protagonist, Evariste Gamelin, sees such egalitarianism as a matter of respect for the lower classes: "The Revolutionary Tribunal assured the triumph of the egalitarian principle by being as sever with porters and skivvies as aristocrats and financiers.
As Swinburne presents the fight, it is nothing but a series of shocks in which phallic signifiers--horses, spears, and finally Palamede--are staggered and broken: the chargers reel with "knees nigh staggered," the spears fly into splinters, and though each knight is "all athirst of mastery," the "tempestuous tune" of the combat with its "jarring notes" breaks off as Palamede falls "shattered from his steed .
What I Believe" from 1984 opens in Democritean voice: "The world is a multitude of minute twitches in the void," and closes with Quine's thoughts on morals and "the future of man," including an environmentalist warning, and the hopeful promise of endless inquiry for "young people athirst for knowledge.
Feegeeans, Tongatabooans, Erromanggoans, Pannangians, and Brighggians" and "still more curious, certainly more comical," the "scores of green Vermonters and New Hampshire men, all athirst for gain and glory in the fishery"--and at the same time describes it as a place created solely by the whale fishery (M, p.
Their thought is hardly new, considering this query to your club, the Junto Society: "Whether those meats and drinks are not the best, that contain nothing but their natural tastes, nor have any thing added by art so pleasing as to induce us to eat or drink, when we are not athirst or hungry.
ATHIRST for knowledge, getting on with things and proving yourself right, as well as taking steps to exert your independence, are good things under the Moon.
Are we truly athirst for the anecdotes of a weather forecaster?
Wright's compressed narrative also provocatively suggests Lucifer as a figure "whose soul is athirst to feel things for himself" (69).
I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.
The roads were as athirst for blood as usual; and a five-year-old died from drowning.