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a continuous succession of slow, writhing, involuntary movements of the hands and feet and other body parts

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Patients in Group 2 having Chorea (20%, N= 6), Tics (13%, N= 4), Athetosis (7%, N= 2), Tardive dyskinesia (7%, N= 2) and Dystonia (3%, N= 1).
communicator without speech output, head noddings, unintelligible sounds 4 Impaired hand fuction due SPC board with partner to athetosis.
Henry's own diagnosis is that "over the coming months and years the athetosis, those involuntary, uncontrolled movements, and the chorea-the helpless jitters, the grimacing, the jerky raising of the shoulders and flexing of fingers and toes--will overwhelm [Baxter], render him too absurd for the street" (218).
The subdivision of the chapter on "Principles of treatment" into subsections as per the type of cerebral palsy: children with severe spasticity, moderate spasticity, choreo-athetosis, dystonic athetosis, ataxia, hypotonia, and mixed is helpful in understanding the spectrum of cerebral palsy, its presentation and developmental approaches.
Following a brief overview of cerebral palsy and treatment approaches, the text classifies cerebral palsy into categories based on distinct pathophysiologies--hypotonia, hypertonia, quadriplegia, diplegia, congenital hemiplegia, athetosis, and ataxia.
Sequelae include cerebral palsy with athetosis (involuntary writhing movements), oculomotor damage, and high frequency hearing loss (Hayes, 2000).
The adverse side-effects of prolonged methamphetamine use can include paranoia, slurred speech, motor instability, violent behaviors (Hall, McPherson Twemlow, & Yudko, 2003), psychosis (Lin, Ball, Hsiao, Chiang, Ree, & Chen, 2004), and stereotypic behaviors such as purposeless physical activity, tremors, muscle tics, bruxism (teeth grinding), and athetosis (strange motor movements).
In basal ganglia diseases, dyskinesias may include chorea, tremors, tics, athetosis, myoclonus and dystonia.
Such involuntary movements may appear as dystonia, chorea, athetosis, or myoclonus.
Despite treatment with phototherapy and two double-volume exchange transfusions, on day 11, he developed athetosis, oral-motor dysfunction requiring a gastrostomy tube, and dental dysplasia.
Of the several types of cerebral palsy, spasticity and athetosis were the two involved in this study.
The children first exhibit hypotonic tendancies (a lack of muscular tone), but this eventually becomes a pattern of either spasticity (hypertonicity) or athetosis (involuntary limb motion) or both.
she talks about the considerations if a person has an amputation, asthma, blindness/visual impairment, cerebral palsy with athetosis, cerebral palsy with spasticity etc.
Severe overdoses may result in cerebral edema, tremors, athetosis, tonic-clonic seizures, coma, cardiovascular collapse, or death.