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a continuous succession of slow, writhing, involuntary movements of the hands and feet and other body parts

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In basal ganglia diseases, dyskinesias may include chorea, tremors, tics, athetosis, myoclonus and dystonia.
Such involuntary movements may appear as dystonia, chorea, athetosis, or myoclonus.
Of the several types of cerebral palsy, spasticity and athetosis were the two involved in this study.
she talks about the considerations if a person has an amputation, asthma, blindness/visual impairment, cerebral palsy with athetosis, cerebral palsy with spasticity etc.
His diagnoses include spastic guadriparesis, athetosis of the right arm, cerebral palsy, progressive scoliosis, and mental retardation.
They'll have a combination of spasticity and dystonia, or chorea and athetosis.
In 1909, he described a patient operated on for athetosis.
A child with cerebral palsy can have abnormalities in: muscle tone (increased or decreased), reflexes; involuntary movements (dystonia, chorea, athetosis, tremor), balance and coordination, sensory responses, and other movement-oriented areas.
2,3,6,20,21,22] Individuals with brain injury usually have spasticity in combination with other movement disorders such as athetosis, chorea, ataxia and dystonia.