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of or relating to or resembling atheroma


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Tongxinluo restrained atheromatous plaque angiogenesis of ApoE-/- mice
Type 2 variant includes patients with culprit, but quiescent, pre-existing atheromatous lesions, in whom the acute release of inflammatory mediators can induce either coronary artery spasm with normal cardiac enzymes and troponins or plaque erosion or rupture manifesting as acute myocardial infarction.
have an affinity for atheromatous plaques in the vessel wall, although normal endothelium can also be invaded.
The study, "Resolvin El Prevents Atheromatous Plaque Formation," appears in the May issue of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology (ATVB), a journal of the American Heart Association.
The trial, 'Impact of an optimised Omega 3 formulation on the biochemical and histopathological composition of atheromatous plaques in patients to undergo carotid endarectomy', will evaluate the histomorphological, biochemical and immunological status of the vascular plaque.
Apparently, the patient had extensive atheromatous lesions, located proximally from the thrombosis (the branching of the iliac arteries).
15 Smoking-induced OS also results in increased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation which in turn facilitates the formation of the atheromatous plaque.
Identification of periodontal pathogens in atheromatous plaques.
For example, we can get a closer view of the atheromatous plaque using the computed tomography(CT), intravascular ultrasound(IVUS), Magnetic resonance imaging(MR) and optical coherent tomography(OCT).
Indeed, evidence has suggested that CRP may only potentiate vulnerability of the atheromatous plaque and formation of thrombi, rather than participate in the buildup of atheromas per se [11], highlighting the need for further research on CRP.
Likewise, it has been implied in diverse systemic complications like cardiovascular disease, preeclampsia, and low birth weight (10,11), given its capacity to colonize other tissues, which has been evidenced by its presence in atheromatous plaques.
She also had history of severe carotid atherosclerosis and underwent right endarterectomy (surgical technique to eradicate the atheromatous plaque material).
Post-angioplasty residual stenosis greater than 30% of the artery lumen, arterial intima dissection hampering blood flow and atheromatous plaque moving to artery mouth were the indications for the stent implantation procedure.
They discuss fluids and electrolytes, preoperative cardiac risk stratification, surgical critical care, trauma, hernia, pediatric surgery, benign and malignant breast diseases, melanoma, small and large bowel tumors, diseases of the pancreas, carotid artery atheromatous disease, peripheral vascular diseases, abdominal aortic diseases, gastrointestinal endoscopy, obstetric and gynecological problems, the role of interventional radiology in surgery, infections, perioperative acute kidney injury, surgical education, cancer, and other topics.