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of or relating to or resembling atheroma


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Review of the literature has suggested that serum tryptase may be considered as a new marker of the instability of atheromatous plaque with regard to the existence of mastocytes in heart tissue.
The type II variant includes patients with culprit but inactive preexisting atheromatous disease, in whom the allergic insult leads to plaque erosion or rupture, leading to acute myocardial infarction or coronary vasospasm with normal cardiac enzymes (4).
is twofold: reduce the intraplaque concentration of procoagulant and proatherosclerotic microparticles and obtain a rationale for broadening the therapeutics options to stabilize these atheromatous plaques.
After 60 days of the experiment, there were no visible atherosclerotic changes in the aortae of rabbits in the control group, whereas the cholesterol-treated rabbits developed pronounced atheromatous changes in the thoracic and abdominal aortae.
Large scale, ex vivo studies have been performed to develop and validate OCT diagnostic criteria for atheromatous lesions, including the identification of features of thin-cap fibroatheromas (Table 1).
26-30) During experimental induction of atherosclerosis in budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus), atheromatous plaques formed in the arterial intima and inner media.
What develops is a fibrous cap overlying a dense, sometimes necrotic, lipid core: the classic atheromatous plaque.
Histomorphometric intimal lesion analysis of the aorta showing less of atheromatous plaque formation in alpha lipoic acid supplemented group (p<0.
Despite this significant 20--30% decrease in plasma HDL cholesterol, however, it is unlikely to increase the risk of atherosclerosis, as shown by findings in the OPAL study of women taking tibolone who did not have an increase in carotid artery intima-medial thickness or an increase in the number of atheromatous plaques after 7.
Bobek and Galbavy [33] observed that mushroom prevented the formation of atheromatous plaques and reduced the incidence and extent of atherosclerotic lesions in aorta and coronary arteries as well as of focal fibrosis of myocardiumin of rabbits.
Data suggest that TNF antagonists might stabilize atheromatous plaques, while other results have shown improved flow-mediated vasodilation and endothelial function associated with TNF antagonists, the researchers said.
Because atheromatous plaques are only partially permeable to plasma solutes, such as apo AI, but rich in locally secreted proteins, such as apo E, arterial macrophages may represent cells in a unique microenvironment in which cholesterol efflux is directed more toward apo E-containing particles rather than toward classical apo AI-containing particles (145, 146).
angina, myocardial infarction (MI)] which are caused by atherosclerosis, a pervasive degenerative condition in which lipid and fibrous matrix is deposited in arterial vessel walls to form atheromatous plaques.
Accumulation of activated mast cells in the shoulder region of human coronary atheroma, the predilection site of atheromatous rupture.
The result is the formation of atheromatous plaque, defined by its central lipid core and an encapsulating fibrous cap of connective tissue.